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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



A day more then we will be in 2010. Everyone is hoping for a better life next year. I found this article from nowhere website but it is quite interesting and I think it is helping me to face my next challenging 2010. But I don't do the copy past thing. I would rather to type all over again so that I can keep it in my mind too.

  1. Share your resolution with friends and family that can provide a support group. If you don't have access to a positive support system reach out to a life coach or counselor to work with you toward your goals.

  2. Write down your resolution and make it a visible reminder. The steps you will take to keep it. Have a simple plan. Talk to your support group about your resolution and your plan of action- it is vital for your success.

  3. Keep it simple with achieavable milestones. Separate big goals into a series of smaller achievable milestones. Once you achieve a set milestone, celebrate with your friend and family support group.

  4. After celebrating your milestone with your support group or therapist, it is important to reward yourself so that you can achieve your ultimate goal. For example, if you are working on how to decrease your weight, when you have loss 5 pounds buy a new piece of clothing to highlight your achievement.

  5. Make small changes. You have all year to achieve your milestones and goals. Remember you have 365 days available to celebrate your achievements all year long.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello Human :D

I had a very great time with two people MY GG PARTNER and MASHIMARO CHAK CHAK. It was awesome. We went to Kuantan on the day PMR results was announced. I'm so upset with my result so I decided to follow Loya Eza so that maybe I can have some fun. but yeahh I had a lot of fun with them :P The night before we had a sleepover at Loya's. And her mom said she wanted to take us for holiday. I was like why not I'm free? Its better than stiff home with this computer.

So yeah yeah the next day I packed while crying. sob sob. haha. :P but before that suddenly Eza gedik nak pergi Pavi so yeah Loya and I went there. with a broken heart. haha. Haha. Its fun to sleep with your girlfweeeenss, haha :P How many days we slept together? 5 days 4 nights. Fuyooooh, haha. I sleep quite late than them because I texted with with haha. Eza she slept early but when her Chak Chak texted her haha. terus bangun. Happy Semacam. Eza and I went outside the hotel room borak2 because we dont want to disturb others. Eza aku lompat lompat mcm gedik ah. :D Ko a eza. haha.

The next day went to Mall. Round2. Karokae-ing. Main kat Arcade. Rempit2 and all. haha. :D I had lots of fun Seriously. :D. So that evening was the best part. Pegi mandi laut. Mcm bodoh a korang jerit2 kat tgh laut. Tau lah kte je kat situ. haha. excluding me. haha. And we did that Jennifer's Body. haha. I forgot everything when I was there because all I was thinking was having fun and running around like a maniac. haha. :D

Loya comel. Eza ayu haha.*

Awww. I love lee loya wook :)

Jeniffer's body. Who killed me Loya? :P

Thanks girls for the good times we had. You guys made me forgot about not getting 9 A's. When I got home I am abnormal again. Why cant we spend a year like that? :D You guys seriously wacko gile. haha. I feel like I'm 14 while dgn korg! haha. Lepas ni kte have fun mcm ni lagi tau tau?

xoxo to Sharifah Alawiah and Eza Syazana :D


Saturday, December 26, 2009



and now yeah, i'm accepting the fact that I did'nt get all A's in my PMR. When you did'nt get all A's you really hate it when people ask you 'How many A's did you get'. annoyed much. :/ I got 8 A's and a B. the B is arab. It is very frustrating when you did'nt reach your target. And yeahh I'm so upset and frustrated but this is all I can get. Maybe because I did'nt really work hard for Arab. I want to go to boarding school and so on but since I'm not a sttaigt A's student, it's quite hard. :/ and congrats to everyonee. :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hey Hello.

First of all, Good Luck to all form 3 students because as you know Pmr RESULTS will be annouced tomorrow, and I know all of us are now scared waiting for the results. and me too. And I believe I did my best for PMR exams and I work as hard as I can so whatever my results going to be I will be grateful. I'm just scared if I wont get what I'm hoping for. :) sarah sarah, chill. no matter what the results still going to be annouced tomorrow. sarah sarah, good luck. u did ur best and now chill. and yeahhhh i keep telling myself to be chill.

and this words are telling everything is going to be amazing. :)

can somebody replace me for a while.? because I'm so scared to face tomorrow.


Thursday, December 17, 2009



Tomorrow is a New Year according to the Hijrah. and Anyways 2010 also is just around the Corner. Few more days. 2009 is going to leave me and you and everyone in the world. Because a new year is going to start I feel like writing about my new good resolutions. And all I'm hoping for next year is a better life and a better me. And I will always remember this memorable 2009. Lots of good memories happened and I will never let them fade away like that. :)

  1. I want to be a better person than before.
  2. I want to makesure I pray five times a day.
  3. I want to read Quran more often.
  4. I want to be a better daughter.
  5. I want to listen more to my mom.
  6. I want to listen more to my dad.
  7. I want to try to avoid arguements with my parents.
  8. I want to be a daughter which my parents is proud of.
  9. I want to respect them more.
  10. I want to be a nicer sister.
  11. I want to be a good friend.
  12. I want to be a better listener of a friend.
  13. I don't want to talk behind shasha's back anymore.
  14. I want to be a good member of my biggie family.
  15. I want to be a more hard-working student.
  16. I want to concenrate more on my studies.
  17. I want to complete all the homeworks given.
  18. I want to study in a boarding school.
  19. I want to respect my teachers more.
  20. I want to concentrate more in class.
  21. I want to think more seriously about my future.
  22. I want to sit at the front in class.
  23. I don't want to sleep anymore in class.
  24. I don't want to eat snacks during classes.
  25. I want to bring a lot of sweets in class.
  26. I want to eat more healthy food.
  27. I want to do more outdoors activities.
  28. I want to try to play sports. *haha.
  29. I want to start cycling back like I used to.
  30. I want to be a better someone to farhan
  31. I don't want to be that paranoid anymore.
  32. I want to be a faithful one.
  33. I want to learn to say 'I love you' more because it feels so good.
  34. I want to see all the good things in life.
  35. I want to think positively all the time.
  36. I don't want to believe to a promise that can only be broken.
  37. I want to feel the freedom even if it is a lie.
  38. I want to let my heart defy my logic.
  39. I want to start thinking everyday is an important day.
  40. I want to stop apologising for things I did'nt do.
  41. I want to hold on to something good and don't let go.
  42. I want to become the person I want to be.
  43. I want to remember all my loved one's birthday.
  44. I want to appreciate people around me more.
  45. I want to be grateful
  46. I want to love myself more.
  47. I don't want to end my relationship because of stupid reason.

49. I want to be a happier person.
50. Finalllly, I want 2010 to be a better year ! :D

I'm done here and and and I'm hoping badly for 9 a's. please pray fr me. :)

toodles. :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



I was a baby once upon a time. and i was super cute. haha. well babies are cute. I have never seen an uncute baby. Have you seen a baby which is not cute? well you will never see an uncute baby because babies are born to be cute. I dont really know what to post at the first place, but this baby told me to write about him. I dont know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Babies seems to be unisex. pffft. haha. Babies are innocent.

But I dont get it why people are still mean to babies. read papers and you can find. BAYI DIJUMPAI DALAM TONG SAMPAH and whatsoever. maybe the baby's mom does'nt want the baby so put him somewhere good not by throwing him anywhere. Eventhough, they are babies, they have feelings (i think) and they also have the right to have a happppy life in future. Babies are innocent. Its the baby's unmarried parents fault, right? heh. Whats wrong with people nowadays. :/


This is why I adore babies :

-They are super adorable. I want them to be in my arms.

-They make cute faces where you can't resist.

-They are innocent because they know nothing about life.

-They hungred for their mother's touch.

-They learn to smile and their smile are'nt fake.

-They try to interact with us though sometimes it does'nt works.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Heyyy HO.

When i was a small cute little girl, i used to believe one day my so-super-hero will come and save me whenever i'm in trouble. Like when i did'nt finish my homework, my super hero will do it for me. Well superman was never a super hero for me and and i don't really like him because he wears his underwear outside. haha. so so so. guess who are my super heroes? My superheroes are the POWERR PUFF GIRLS. i love them. i have two sisters. i'm Blossom and my smalllest sister is Bubble and the other one is Buttercup. I like Blossom because she is red with long her. because my hair used to be longgg. and I always force my sisters to play power puff girls with me. They'll be the monster and i'm the saver. and once again Power Puff Girls save the day. I will always remember that one. and also the MO-JO-JO-JO! haha. :P

But now, its different. there's no more Power Puff Girls. and I'm no longer Blossom and my sisters are not Buttercup and Bubble anymore. I realized my real super heroes are'nt Power Puff Girls, or Superman or even Totally Spies. My real forever superheroes are my parents. It's not like my besties or my boyfrend are'nt my superheroes. It' just like i know they wont stay here with me forever. Bestfriends might go and so as boyfrend. but i know my parents won't go. Frankly, NEVER go. But now i got tonnes of superheroes, my parents, familia, bestiesss (including syed esa's daughta) and and farhan.

Find the right person to be your super hero.Only the right person can save you when you are in trouble. And remember your real forever super heroes are your parents.

so so so who's your super hero?

p/s: thanks to shefa loya for that ole ole. i love yahhhh!

toodles. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009



The title of this post shows as if i'm an english teacher. Telling everyone to learn english. haha. i'm not. i don't know why i came up with this topic. because we have to learn english. because english is one of the international language nowdays. But here in my place, people don't really speak english because they don't have the confidence to. But we have to, because living in the world like today, we have to speak english because everything is in english. Writing and speaking in english is not the same thing. Some people can write but can't speak because like i said they don't have the confidence. Why are they not confidence enough to speak in english. Because they think their english isn't that good. So here are ways to improve in English.

Ways to IMPROVE your English:

- Firstly, we have to start by learning the grammar. All the is are was were thing. Because grammar is the basic. Easyy. Learn with your english teacher in school. Dont tell me there's no english teacherrr. and buy grammar books and do some practices. :)

-Read more english books like english story books. they help a lot. You'll learn new vocabulary. Read story books that benefit you but at the same time you are enjoying it. fr example, harry potter series. :))

-Be friends with people who are good in english. Because when we spend times with those who are good in english at the same time we are learning english without realizing it. When the person we talk to is speaking in English, we will respond in english too.

-Don't be shy to speak. Because to be good in english, we also have to practice to speak in English. Some people they scared if they speak broken english but why not just give a try, right? When you practice to speak english, sooner you can be good in english. because you know that Practice makes perfect.

I am grateful because I can speak english. I'm not showing off or what. Well i'm not that good in english too and I'm still working on how to improve my english. The person I should thanked the most is my mommmey. She taught me Peter and Jane. and also she read that Peter and Jane book for me. She taught me how to pronounce the words correctly. and also my dad, he taught us to speak english and he speaks english also. and in the car, we listen to lite and easy. the english radio station. My dad listen to english song and so we listen to that kind of song too until now.

Thanks to my parents.

toodles. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hey Hello. I found something which is good for me to start my day. And i think it is good because it is real good. for me and for everyone. Everyone should start telling themselves 'this' everyday. We have to practice good things and make them as a habit.


so this is it. :

Starting from today, I think I'll start telling 'this' to myself everyday when i wake up in the morning. What is 'this'? 'This' is a quote/inspiring words which is something good is going to happen today . Because something good always happen everyday in your life whether you realize it or not. You still alive is a good thing right? so starting from now on, i'll tell myself something good is going to happen today. Eventhough during the day everything seems so wrong i believe the good thing is on its way. Sometimes when i wake up in the morning i feel hopeless because what happened on the day before. i read this article we should'nt drag yesterday bad things into today good things. do you get what does that mean? And also sometimes you just hate that day, and feel lazy to start that day. especially on monday. i used to hate monday but no longer now. i love monday. but now whatever you feel in the morning when you wake up tell yourself 'something good is going to happen today'. and good things happened everyday but sometimes we did'nt realize them because we keep thinking the bad things that happen.

My dear sharifah alawiah is coming home today after a week holiday. yay! she's coming home. i miss her. haha. haha. When she's not here i'm kinda alone. no one to talk with. the most important is no one to gossip with. haha. she's my gg partner. :)

i don't know why but Malaysia is getting hotter each day and i hate it a lot. i know its global warming but why is it duper hot here? sometimes, it even reaches 40 degreee.


Saturday, December 12, 2009


MOTHER. everyone has a mother. and so as me. my mom is a great woman. she cares a lot about me. she is the one to makesure i'll be someone in future. i'm never a good daughter. there are a lot of stuff where my mom and i are not agree with. my mom always wanted me to have the best in everyhting whether school, food, friends. everything. she wants me to get the best. but sometimes i cant get the best because i'm not the best. i'm just sarah. i'm never a daughter my mom always hope i am. i do stuff and follow my so-immature-way-of-thinking. and that's the main reason why there's always arguement between me and my mom. and when i'm not like the daughter she wants me to be. she pissed off of course and see, i think i broke her heart. i still remember when i was 12 and had the upsr thing. she is the one to look after my studies, buy books and teach me of course. but me i took it for granted, mom wanted me to get all A'S so that i can go to boarding schoool and get all the genius freaks friends. but i got 4 a's only. so i wont be able to go to the kind of genius freaks schoool. but my mom she still wants me to go to good school. so finally, i went to SBU. sbu is a good school with smart students. but my so-immature way-of-thinking drove me crazily. there are a lot of things i do that break my mom's heart. i'm sorrry mama. as i grow up, and become more mature i started to realize all the things i have never realize before. and when i'm 15 my one and only resolution is to be better than i was. and i work hard to make sure i can get good grades so that i can make my mom happy again. and and my results are okay. and i hope my mom to be happy. and yeah now i'm waiting for pmr results. if i dont score all a's, once again i broke my mom's heart. and from the first i knew i wasn't a good daughter. i'm sorrrrry. i'm just a 15 year old girl. teenager. who sometimes do the wrong things. i do change. but my mom can't see. or maybe she won't see it anymore coz i broke her heart's so many times. and i want to thank my mom fr every single thing she did to me. everything. and i love her. because i'm nothing without her.

i love you mama.

Friday, December 11, 2009


life is as we make it. so, lets make it right. it's the only way we will enjoy it. pick up some useful tips and let they become your habits.


-. in the morning when you wake up complete the following statement. :

"My purpose is to _______________ today".

-sit in silence for 10 mins each day.

- Every day take a half hour walk and while walking smile and think all the good things life has offer.

- Every day try to make at least 3 people smile.

- Spend more time with people under the age of 6 and above 70.

-Live with the 3 E's. : Energy Ethusiasm Empathy.

-3 F's: Faith Family Friends.

-Dream more while you awake.

-Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn and pass all your tests. Problems are the simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade way life algebra class, but a lesson that you learn will last a lifetime.

-Smile and laugh more. It will keep the energy vampires away.

-Life isn't fair but it still good.

-Life is to short to waste time hating anyone

-You don't have to win every arguements. Agree all disagreements.

-Dont take yourself so serious. No one else does.

-Make peace with your past so it won't mess up the present.

-Forgive everyone for everything.

-What other people think of you is none of your bussiness.

-However good or bad situation is, it will change.

-Time will heal everything so give time time.

-Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful and joyful.

-No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

-Do the right thing

-Call your loved one often.

-Remember you are too blessed to be stressed.

-Each night before you sleep, complete the following statement:

"I am grateful because _____________"

well my life isn't that happy but no matter what i have to make it happy because i'm in charge to make my life happy. no one else in charge except me. though life seems so hard. try to be strong.
and keep saying to yourself i love my life eventhough u dont sometimes. well, i always search for good life tips but this one is reallly good. all those good tips are not from me. i adapted them from somewhere else. haha. but i would like to share it. :))

tooooodles. :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i'm happy again. well of course. i spent some QUALITY times with my dear gemok DIRA. well to be exact Nik Nadhirah Farhana. mannn, i misss her. the last time we met was few days before i went to the ACLP thing. and she changed in size, she's gettin fatter, eheh. no she's not. well no matter how fat she is she's still beautiful because she is originallly prettty. even without make ups. :P and we met at my ustazah's place. makan2 over there. i did'nt expect she's going to be there. :) well of course talk a lot about everything. and all the latest gossip. i miss u bestfrend. :)

my ustazah is really gooooood at coooking. and there was this one dish. otak lembu. can u believe it? otak lembu masak ape tah. but the kuah was yellow. haha. and i was like why not give a try for that otak lembu. haha. it is very small. and lembik semcam. first like. shd i try or not. haha. people dun cook this otak lembu right? so so so so finally i tried that otak lembu. eating that otak lembu reminds me of a tv programme. do u know fooood bazar? haha. i love to watch that. the programmme is about eating freakkky fooods. :D hahaha. 5 stars! go eat otak lembu. haha.

-I read a fact in a magazine. the size of a cow's brain is the same as his eye ball.. freakingg small.

i missss my girlfrendsssssssss.


toooooodles. :D

Monday, December 7, 2009


it was awesome meeting back with two my goooooooooood friends. mea and zeika. after a year mannn. :) mea, the cbn-er got bunch of stories to tell me. well when we talk its like unstoppable and so as zeika. we do stupid stuffffs. :) which is awesome but can be considered as naughty. no not naughtyyyy. hahaha. :) so yeah i'm not that bored anymore. but the most is i dont have to be all day long with the girl who crushes my brother since last year. i dont mind if she wants to like crush love or whatever but just dont over doing it. annoyed me a lot girl. and she was like so into my brother. huh. sarah boleh tak print kan gambar adik awak? like huh? go and do it by yourself and keep it secretly. u should'nt let me know. and she said. kita dah ada tiga gambar adik awak, kita nak awak print yang default ehh? huh. ewww. and urggghh. there was one day where my brother has to sit at the front and god she was freaking excited. one thing i dont get it, why is she crushing my brother? let me describe my brother in a word UGLY. he's not hot at all where he got pimples and acnes all over his face. and his voice is like a singing crow. or maybe raven. and ewww.

the was-pmr-candicates spreaded rumors telling pmr result will be announce on the 20th of nov. hey no! its on 28th! but seriously i feeeeeeel sick thinking the incoming result. though i've tried my best but yeah of course i'm scared fr not getting all A's. :/ some people said pmr result is like nothing. but spm is the future. but pmr result can be said as a ticket for the lower secondary people to go to boarding school. kinda a better place to study. i'm not telling u my current school is not good. its just i want to go to a new place and live in a new environment and experiencing a better wayyy of study. when we go to boarding schoool, we'll meeet people who are better than us, forsure, and of course we'll try to be better than that. like my teacher used to say, persaingan sihat. something like that. because for me, form 4 is not known as a honeymooon year where u dun really want to concentrate on ur studies. form 4 is the basic. if i cant get used to all the form 4 thing how am i going to face my form 5. and form 5 there come spm. the future. so during form 4 gotta do my best so that i can get what i want. but i scared for not gettting it. huh.

doakan lah for pmr saya. :D

and and sadly loya is going tomorrrrrow. good bye and take care. :) come back safely. :) and bg aku hadiah plg penting! hahahahaha. kidding. :D may u have fun over therrrre. :P

awak ni kann, saya gerammm betul. saya off awak onn saya onn awak off. haisyhh =___=

the wannabes

wannabe is a person who is trying to be somebody else because they think theirselves are not good and they fake everything about them so that people think they cool.

-when they discovered new current cool words like 'brb' or 'pfthhh' or anything, they keep using it over and over again so that people know the are quite coool because the know that kind of word.

-when they knew about hot artists or like the latest one they act like 'i love him' actully,they like that artist because everyone likes him. whereas they dont reallly know. i can seeee the wannabes of justin bieber's fan. i hate justin bieber! i dont get why people are into him.

-some wannabe in malaysia they dont know how to speak english but they act like they are so good in english. frankly, they speak broken english. fr example 'u makes me hate u'.


bye. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its my second day here. trust me, I just realized that this programme gave me a peace deep deep in mind and heart. The peace where i've been looking lately.I'm feeling more down each day. So yeah, someone should serenade DOWN song by Jay sean to me. Baby are you down down down. but this time change it to sarah are you down down down. yeaaaaaa, i'm down.

Do u know what it's like the down feeeling? It's the feeling where u feel u just don't belong somewhere u belong to. And keep telling to urself i don't belong here and worst i'm not meant to be here. and u'll also feel hopeless and life seems to be so meaningless thought u got billion of frends and trillion of boyfrienddsss. :P Everything seem so wrong and u know what. this is when u'll be looking for peace. and to find peace u have to turn to ur one and only creator. . dun get me wrong i'm not being poyo2 bajet alim typo. but yeah this is what i've been told.

and i dun really get why am i feeling this way. this is freak. Its just really hard for me to explain what is playing over and over again in my head. and at this time i really need someone for me to talk to cry on and the most important to tell me gooooood words. but yeah sadly, i still never meet the someone. well a few. loya nina liza dira. but u know the person i thought could be the other someone will never be that someone.

Or is it me, making a mountain in a mole hill? nah nah. i'm pretty sure i'm not. but everything is gettin worst. but yeah what i'm facing these days are not as bad as those days in 2008. 2008 has gone. it was a nightmare. :/ and i tried to change for a better one. and i made it. :D yet still there peeeps said she's still the same. i know myself better.

That that that song. i like it. hopelessly devoted to you. my fav part is but now there's nowhere to hide since u pushed my love aside i'm out of my way hopelessly devoted to you. soon i'll be listening that song day and night. wile mending a broken heart. think so. everything is gettin less and less. :/

aku rindu 3 w.

tata :(

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

heyy hello. i'm here. hehe. yeah currently i'm allowed to use back all this internet thing. well seriously to be honest i miss my dear blackie blogg. awww :( and yeah so this is my first day. first day experiencing something gooooood for the inner part of me. and yeah kita perlu buat ape yang kita tak suka supaya kita dapat menjadi lebih baik? kan kan? hehe. terror aku cakap bm. haha. well seriouslyy mann i'm kinda freak out when i think about the incoming pmr resultsssss. weyy but u know bahasa melayu aku takut. u knoww i'm not that goood. tu lah. sape suroh read less bahasa melayu buku? ni lah budak2 zaman sekarang. utamakan englishh ape nak jadi? fer example my cutest classmate, peah. she speakssss english. mak aii slangg minah salleh. haha. weyy peah utamakan bm la. heh. well i'm doing the same. :/ mengarott. like i'm doing it.

its holidayyy. eh sarah the whole malaysia tau sayang oii? haha. okayyy. so hows ur holiday so far peeeps? i'm suffering. pfth. i'm not suppose to say that. ni kire okayy i can syrf the internet. heh. i know i'm such an ungrateful one. orang miskin buat ape cuti nie? think think. :/ loya loya aku rindu ko aa kurus! sweiouslyy mann. lepas ni harapan la enn ko nak jumpe aku? ye lah aku bz. ko nak balik indon. eh no. hoilday kat indon. hehe. :D nant kte swin same2 lagi. hahaha. ketat2. bodohhh. haha

lets have some fun thiss. errrr. boring.

bella luna. hey hey. just now there was a girl. she was listening to her phone. a malay song. but i dun know that song. that song seems so nice but yeah sadly i dunno the tittlllle. then, i asked her whats the title, and she said khatimah cinta. i think so. what is actly khatimah cinta? kalimah kott. whatevr it is. she told me it was khatimah cinta. aku bodoh and seriously out dated for not knowing malay songs. pathetic. :/ heh.


gedikkkk! aku rindu ko. sape yg gedik die aa. haha

muah muah hahahahaha
Thank You