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Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday punya Post


School is about to start. And holiday is coming to an end. I was so busy with everything during this holiday. It has been a very busy pack and tight holiday. I hung out every week. And I watched TV all the long. And also gossssssipppping tooo. I did online but lately facebook turn out to be vegghhyy the boring to me. Mark Zuckerberg must be very upset reading this.

We went to Langkawi and also Perlis for my cousin's wedd. I was so stupid because I brought along only a pair of baju kurung with me. I suppose to bring few baju kurungs because there were three occasions. Along Shafik is marrying kak Anis from Perlis so my dad take this oppurtunity to visit our sepupus and kenalans and dad's friends. And everyone was talking about 'Besaq daa naa anak hangg. Hang ada berapaa anak laa niii and Lamaaa tak jumpaa hang, hang tak balik kaa raya haghi tuu' This was based on my experiment. So just so you know, meeeting our clan was aweccccccoooommeeee because this is just one of the ways to tighten our relationship!

And so from Kualalalalala Perlis we took a ferrrrrrry to the Legendary Langkawi Island, the spooky Mahsuri cursing thanggg. Haha. I did learnt about Mahsuri and the curse. HAHA. And we rent this one van so that we can patrolling around this island. And bought lots of Daims, Tobleronesss and chocolates. Come on, it's duty freee.

And the great part was climbing the mount to seee the wondrous Telaga Tujuh. But huahuahuhaa. I can't make it to the top. HAHA. It was very tiring and it was noon and I was freaking thirsty and what there were a lot of monkeys staring at me. I'm so vainnnnnn. kuikui. And went to other places like the Freak Pasir Hitam beach, and the Oriental Park to take the cable car to other islandd. But maannnnn, the queue was nearly 1 km long. That was told by my coo coo brother. And the Ayer Hangat too was okay la. That water is so hot laaa. My heat receptor is burning laaa. and thats why I'm about to insane you know laa. And zzzz. went back to Kuala Lumpur! The journey was super long from Perlis to KL because it was night and maybe that was tired and all. So apa cek buat dalam ketaa? Cek tidoqq laa soundly. ehehe. no laa. I was texting looking at tha moonless and starless sky.

I never thought I was so light. huahua

This is a picture of a girl in a stripe shirt with a fake shade from Petaling Street.
this is Sarah PG.

Okay you can ignore this part because I am vain. kuikui.
Alaa macam lah awak tak vain?

This is not Pasir Hitam.

And also, I hung out every week during this holiday because I just don't know what to do at home. Homeworrks and chores are excluded because they are not really in my how-to-spend-your-holiday-perfectly list. So macam awak awak juga la. Saya pergi tonton wayang dan lepak serta makan dan juga gelak bersama loved one saya.

Macbeth . Sha . Dira . Me. Ling
Ini dia the picture of the barisan tokoh 2010

My hotty naughty.

Yesterday. Haha. Haliza Me Nyna. Haliza was'nt there maybe because she was shy shy meow.

List of movies I watched during this holiday:

HP 7
Let me In
Nxt 3 Days
HP7, again
Social Network
Little Fockers
Gulliver's travel (Two thumbs up!)

This is what we called satu pembaziran yang amat.

By the way, Congratulation GG Partner. Sharifah Alawiyyyya. and Ezaa and also Byla Salman.

mon cher Barrack Obama, pourquoi êtes-vous changer. Je m'ennuie de la vieille tellement. Tu sais que tu étais tout pour moi. Je vais revenir bientôt. Et je suis tellement désolé pour chaque chose. Vous savez juste que je t'aime tellement cher. peut-être je ne suis pas le meilleur. vous me quittez



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