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Thank You!


Love is in the air baby. I love them in so many ways. And I love them just the way they are. :)

My happy family. I have a big family and thats why I guess we are superb. From the eldest to youngest. And I them. And proudly to annouce I have a new born baby sister named syahdiyah :)

Preeeeeettay Amanina. Far far far awayy in SAMURA. We used to say that she is Giselle Bundchen and I'm Heidi Klum :)
I You

The Hotties I tell you. Who cares if we said we are hotties. Kidding -.-
I Them

Here came my GG Partner. HAHA. I'm 'Blair Waldorf' the Malaysian Version she said. HAHA
I You. (gay)

 This baby resemble the squirell I met in the woods.
I ♥ You

And also:

2 Wangsa 08'
3 Wangsa 09'
4 Intelligent 10'
Altima 0711
P04' 10'
Rumah Dato Onn 10'
Aspuras and Aspuris yg Hot Hot Belaka

And everyone called friends.

Thanks for the love :)

Thank You