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Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is a so not-up-to-date post. everyone in this whole world was talking mumbling about this whole football thing. But since I dont know what to post so it might quite 'interesting' to post about something I dont really know. My bestfriends, dormates, classmates are the fans of Spain and I'm the fan of Malaysia. muahaha though I know Malaysia is not part of the FIFA thing. So since Spain juara kepada juara segala football dalam dunia. Congrats. HAHA. and also to my dormates Kirin Pinie Kak Lili, congrats too. Its worth it you guys stayed up until pukul berape. Then tak tidur. haha. I think thats all because I dont know much about football. All I know few hot guys running aroung the field like a maniac for a ball. Its better if the ball is a girl then its worth it. :) HAHA. okay. Sometime, it really annoys me when a girl who knows nothing about football pretend they know everything about footballl just to attract those guys. I am myself and I only know 1% about football because my dad and brother is a football fan.

But I dont like guys who dont like footballs. weird odd freak. =.=


Next Friday I'm going home home home home home! :D

Thank You