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Saturday, September 26, 2009


This post is inspired by my secret keeper:

sharifah alawiah

  1. I am grateful because I am sarah.

  2. I am grateful because I am a muslim.

  3. I am grateful because I can read Al- Quran well.

  4. I am grateful because my parents love me.

  5. I am grateful because my sister loves me.

  6. I am grateful because my brother loves me.

  7. I am grateful because my big family loves me.

  8. I am grateful because my bestie is Amanina.

  9. I am grateful because my besties are dudulizasha.

  10. I am grateful because I am one of the 3 W.

  11. I am grateful because loya keeps my dark secrets.

  12. I am grateful because my results are okay.

  13. I am grateful because I was born perfect physically.

  14. I am grateful I am IT freak.

  15. I am grateful I can speak 3 languages.

  16. I am grateful because i know paan . :)

  17. I am grateful my 5 senses can work very well.

  18. I am grateful I am not deformed.

  19. I am grateful I am obsessss with Jason Mraz.

  20. I am grateful I am not fat.

  21. I am grateful Azim always reply my comments.

  22. I am grateful I have a handphone.

  23. I am grateful I am happy.

  24. I am grateful I live at Ukay Perdana.

  25. I am grateful because 7 e is near my house.

  26. I am grateful I am not that short.

  27. I am grateful I can walk.

  28. I am grateful I can eat anything i want.

  29. I am grateful because my digestion process is fast.

  30. I am grateful because I sit under the fan in class.

  31. I am grateful I wear tudung.

  32. I am grateful my pimples and acnes are decreasing.

  33. I am grateful I can walk with high heels.

  34. I am grateful I can do some chores.

  35. I am grateful I am a Malaysian.

  36. I am grateful because I got A for sejarah.

  37. I am grateful I did'nt hate sejarah anymore.

  38. I am grateful I'm not dark like the senandung sedayang.

  39. I am grateful I am malay.

  40. I am grateful I am 15.

  41. I am grateful I'm not good at sports.

  42. I am grateful I can play chess.

  43. I am grateful my life is pretty awesome.

  44. I am grateful I can smile everyday.

  45. I am grateful I live in a city.

  46. I am grateful I have my loved ones.

  47. I am grateful because I'm not sick.

  48. I am grateful because my besties are not backstabbers.

  49. I am grateful I got eye lid.

  50. I am grateful because I was born to be myself. :)

so, people be grateful with what u have. being grateful is a key to a happy life.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello there.

It's the second day of raye. how fast time is passing by. huh. the first raye was quite fun but tiring. i woke around seven then mandi , all the perfumes thing. around 8 went to sembahyang raye at my dad's fav masjid. hihi. at home, mintak maaf from my parents first. hihi. after a year buat kesalahan. lol. went to my aunty's place. makan all those raye tradition food. rendang ketupat all al those food. sumpah sedap gle. but becus of scared i might gain weight makan sikit2 je lah. lepak lepak, kutip duit raye. duit raye on the first day masyuk lah jugak. haha.

today. went to my aunty's house on my dad side. nothing much. so boringgg. went back and sleeep like until 7. having fun is great and i love that. but seriously i feel guilty for not studying all time during this hari raye holiday. and and and i miss all of 3w people. i miss nyna dira liza and sha. all i can do is texting them. and i'm texting my friends 247. haha. 20th september just passed by. it's 2 years . 2 years. i'm still crushing him. haha. tomorrow is dira's annivessary with her kanda. haha. dira. selamat annivessary. haha.

tomorrow i got nothing to do so seems like i got a date with my books. and and and aku rindu my best secret keeper ever. sharifah alawiah syed esa. haha. she's like my secret book where i write all those unsuppose stuff in it. haha. so loya and aku can never fight or else all my secrets will be revealed and same goes as her i keep all her secrets too. but her secrets are not as dark as mine. mine is the darkest secret ever. haha. like so? haha.

everyone balik kampung but me? no kampung sadly. pathetic. raye sini pun okeh lah. i'm used to it. haha. mom's gombak and dad's shah alam. so nowhere to go. haha. anyway, i lovveeeee kl. i'm lovin' it. btw, this raye dun eat too much. haha. this goes to me too. krgkan all those high cholestrol foood. haha. if u scared of gaining ur weight then conrol ur diet. fat is no no ! not becus fat is 'not attractive' but fat is like mengundang penyakit.

i've been crushing since forever is azim.

end of story.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello God creations.

i'm so happy. freaking happy. u dunno what is like. haha. the moments i've been waiting for. i got this i got those. :) huhu. i keep asking myself if i'm dreaming. i called all my friends just to tell them how happy i am and super excited to ask them to to to. haha.and i'm sure they are happy for me too. after all this while. i'll keep thinking i've been hurt. haha. i'm totally wrong. i'm so so so so so so so happy. but behind all these happiness i knew there might something waiting for me. i mean for me to face to. and oh oh i'm happy for what had happened today and yesterday too :)

p/s: azim. u are cute. dudu ! :)

and and and


p/s: paan paranoid! haha


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello Human.

no school again for today. i'm feeling dizzy plus lazy and gloomy too. :( feeling hopeless. freak. i cant control this emotion feeling. this is what we call emotianal distraction. and now, i'm writing craps here, myspacing and layan all those gay songs. haha. seriously, i'm missing all the 3w people. aww. especially, yg close close tuh. waiting for the good good good people kat myspace. but tak on9 on9. the one and only, k mira. ajak anak syed esa dtg tp die tgh lyn korean movies. haih. nih sorg lg jiwengg. haha.

yesterday, went to ustazah rosyatimah's place. makan2. meet the niks.makan? okay. kenyang aku. all the time lepak lepak ngn nik nadhirah farhana . byla bubu . effa fufu. tuh je lah. then about ten blah. si byla ade lah snap few pics. nant upload ehh. okay.

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone :)
Maaf zahir dan batin.

Mom and Dad
Muhammad Nurlhaq
Siti Syahmina
Muhd Nurl Hakim
Muhd Nurl Hazim
Bibik Tetin
Big Families
Ustazah Rosyatimah
Pn. Norasah
Teacher Rafidah
Pn. Mastura
Teacher Nor Hanum
Pn. Norainon
Cik Shuhaibah
Pn. Norliza
Ustazah Asma
Nur Amanina
Nik Nadhirah Farhana
Nur Haliza
Nur Shasha Fatihah
Sophiah Atikah
Nur Fadhillah
Nur Nadhirah
Farah Shahirah
Puteri Heidi
Nur Shahida
Nur Izzatul Sahida
Wan Shakila Adiela
Nur Ruzanna
Muhd Arif
Muhd Khairul Naim
Mas Faruqi
Muhd Haziq
Muhd Syahril
Ahmad Mustaqim
Ahmad Farhan Hanis
Muhd Fazrul Faiz
Muhd Hadi
Muhd Ashraff
Muhd Hakimi
Ahmad Aizam Afifi
Muhd Danial
Muhd Naim
Sharifah Alawiah


others. which names are not listed. :)

bye. :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey. a very goood afternoon.

first of all is NUR HALIZA BT. AHMAD SUHAIMI'S 15th bday. so long. happy incoming birthday bulus! haha. she is the one and only my bulu. haha. da tue da kwn aku sorg nih. haha. then, this friday will be amar's. ni pun da tue. amar which is someone.. haha. kinda my ex enemy. haha. few days ago was my ashraf muslim's bday. awww.


today is the day where the students from japan come to my beautiful and beloved school. wahaha. and then here the sepets come. hihi. their uniform. not that outwedgses. biase2. but those sepets girls are with skirts. my first impression was like the guys must be freakkinng hot. haha. with spike hairs. i was quite wrong. they are average looking guys. but looooooks doesnt matter. back to the topic, i was one of the chosen people. and we did some tukar2 hadiah. wee wee. that guy gave me smthng. and it is origami papers. eventhough i'm not good at making those origami thing. i'll keep it. i do appreciate it , mannn. and i was like the tour guide. take them for a walk around the school. lalu depan class aku: haha.and time's up the japanese gtg. so long sayonara ! but one word they keep saying is ATSUI which means hot. haha. :)

p/s: they are so not goood at english.

lepas da penat layan the sepets. as usual, got back into the class. then, since i'm the only one from my class which take part in this, my classmates were excited and wanting me to tell the my japan experience. wee hee. but before tht, mus ade bye2 this one girl tp aku plak kot yg prasan. haha. sorry lah aku tak npk. haha. ade sorg bdk nie, ckp aku pekak. haih. die la kot yg pekak. nasib baik si pekak tu tak tau pasal blog aku so he won't know. ckp aku pekak skali rupenye die pn same. haha.

p/s: oii bukak pose korek telinga lahhhh. pop ur ear waxes out, mannn!

then KH class, i was tired. and zzzz.. in the class. :) then we were given some desert sbb ngaji those days. ceh2. but i did. 3 pages. but then tetido. huhu. desert sdp doh. :)

sometimes u never realize how much a person means to u until u lose tht person. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


heyyy human .

it's been like a decade i did'nt update my blog. padahal it was only like 2 months and half. i think. but i do update my secret my blog. the one and only person that is invited to read it is me, myself and i. anyway, PMR is jus like 25 days more. i know all the pmr candicates are strugling. strugling lah sgt korg. haha. trial has just passed and alhamdulilah my grades are as good as i hope. u dun have the right to know it.

hey i smell so good right now. haha. i know its pretty freak writing about body odour. but it is just once in a while.

i'm happy really happy since this is the fasting month. so no setan setan or those jins. haha. but i think maybe there are some. haha. those with really bad attitudes as bad as those devils. bulan ramadhan yg baik and mulia why dun make some better change. kan? ceh like i'm doin it? i thinks so. a bit. being really modest especially when it comes to shopping raye. haha. is that considered as good thing? ya i think so.

bulan ramadhan nih sinonim dgn smbhyg terawih. i did that few times. i dun have the transoport to go to the masjid. masjid is quite far from my place. but at least i do it.

raye raye raye! around the corner people? dun u guys feel excited about it? i'm so so so excited. ha? kidding. seriously i'm not. it's becus of PMR. so i wanna put all the blame on PMR. becus of that PMR thing i dun really feel happy in celebrating raye. PMR OH PMR.

bought few things. heels? done. tinggi punye. handbag? done.

gotta stop here. i'm on a date again with my math book. aww.

p/s: gemok sombongggg doh. haha. bla la ko.

tatatata :)

Thank You