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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Its my second day here. trust me, I just realized that this programme gave me a peace deep deep in mind and heart. The peace where i've been looking lately.I'm feeling more down each day. So yeah, someone should serenade DOWN song by Jay sean to me. Baby are you down down down. but this time change it to sarah are you down down down. yeaaaaaa, i'm down.

Do u know what it's like the down feeeling? It's the feeling where u feel u just don't belong somewhere u belong to. And keep telling to urself i don't belong here and worst i'm not meant to be here. and u'll also feel hopeless and life seems to be so meaningless thought u got billion of frends and trillion of boyfrienddsss. :P Everything seem so wrong and u know what. this is when u'll be looking for peace. and to find peace u have to turn to ur one and only creator. . dun get me wrong i'm not being poyo2 bajet alim typo. but yeah this is what i've been told.

and i dun really get why am i feeling this way. this is freak. Its just really hard for me to explain what is playing over and over again in my head. and at this time i really need someone for me to talk to cry on and the most important to tell me gooooood words. but yeah sadly, i still never meet the someone. well a few. loya nina liza dira. but u know the person i thought could be the other someone will never be that someone.

Or is it me, making a mountain in a mole hill? nah nah. i'm pretty sure i'm not. but everything is gettin worst. but yeah what i'm facing these days are not as bad as those days in 2008. 2008 has gone. it was a nightmare. :/ and i tried to change for a better one. and i made it. :D yet still there peeeps said she's still the same. i know myself better.

That that that song. i like it. hopelessly devoted to you. my fav part is but now there's nowhere to hide since u pushed my love aside i'm out of my way hopelessly devoted to you. soon i'll be listening that song day and night. wile mending a broken heart. think so. everything is gettin less and less. :/

aku rindu 3 w.

tata :(

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