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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello Human :D

I had a very great time with two people MY GG PARTNER and MASHIMARO CHAK CHAK. It was awesome. We went to Kuantan on the day PMR results was announced. I'm so upset with my result so I decided to follow Loya Eza so that maybe I can have some fun. but yeahh I had a lot of fun with them :P The night before we had a sleepover at Loya's. And her mom said she wanted to take us for holiday. I was like why not I'm free? Its better than stiff home with this computer.

So yeah yeah the next day I packed while crying. sob sob. haha. :P but before that suddenly Eza gedik nak pergi Pavi so yeah Loya and I went there. with a broken heart. haha. Haha. Its fun to sleep with your girlfweeeenss, haha :P How many days we slept together? 5 days 4 nights. Fuyooooh, haha. I sleep quite late than them because I texted with with haha. Eza she slept early but when her Chak Chak texted her haha. terus bangun. Happy Semacam. Eza and I went outside the hotel room borak2 because we dont want to disturb others. Eza aku lompat lompat mcm gedik ah. :D Ko a eza. haha.

The next day went to Mall. Round2. Karokae-ing. Main kat Arcade. Rempit2 and all. haha. :D I had lots of fun Seriously. :D. So that evening was the best part. Pegi mandi laut. Mcm bodoh a korang jerit2 kat tgh laut. Tau lah kte je kat situ. haha. excluding me. haha. And we did that Jennifer's Body. haha. I forgot everything when I was there because all I was thinking was having fun and running around like a maniac. haha. :D

Loya comel. Eza ayu haha.*

Awww. I love lee loya wook :)

Jeniffer's body. Who killed me Loya? :P

Thanks girls for the good times we had. You guys made me forgot about not getting 9 A's. When I got home I am abnormal again. Why cant we spend a year like that? :D You guys seriously wacko gile. haha. I feel like I'm 14 while dgn korg! haha. Lepas ni kte have fun mcm ni lagi tau tau?

xoxo to Sharifah Alawiah and Eza Syazana :D



Sharifah Alawiah said...

i love you twothreefourfiveee
*ayat tupai!

HEHEHE! me loike this post :DD
three of us look so comel:P

<3 haha
next yrr pg genting pulakk la! haha


me loike it too :P
aku je comel u guys are'nt comel as me. :P haha.

okayyy mans! keep your words syg! haha

Sharifah Alawiah said...

haha yelah! tgkk aa kalau aku dpt 9A's ameen ameen!

Eja Syajana said...

Ape chak chak chak? baling kangg,mnne ade. ko yg happy bile text dye,hahahaha. c(:

rempit! yeahh! ahha,sara takot. terjerit2, aku bwk moto. belom tupai bwk lg tuh. kalo tupai bwk,dye yg jerit. hahah.

thanky ;) i'm happy with u too. at night especially. HAHAHHAH!


haha. ko gelabah aa eza! :P
Ko aa bwk mcm org gilak mane aku tak takott! haha :P
aisyyyy, nite? HAHA.

Thank You