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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A night to remember

Awesomeee. Finally here I am once again updating this blog. Its been a while I didnt update because I'm so busy macam bussinesswoman. :p And so Hello Hello and Hello. Basically I'm blogging today because I feel like writing about that remarkable night in my school. :)

Its not going to be like a report or school essay this time. I hope so. =.= because I'm not good at writing because I dont read that much. So read a lot. Annoyed much with my reading advertisement? =.=

Let me remember. When was it. It was Saturday night, 26th June. Its going to sound so poyo or maybe showing off. but sorry that's not my intention. I'm writing about how happy my friends and I that night. So here the story goes, like 2 weeks before the event we were told about malam busana. and there must be one representative from each class. I don't know why my classmates chose me. HAHAHAHAHA. because I'm a perfectly normal human being which is easy overlooked. But for me why not give a try? Once in a life time.

After a so-not-long-hoilday,

we're back to school sadly. and I brought the clothes which I suppose to wear and we think it is nice but not a theme like clothes. So my 4 Intelligent do some mix and match which is extremely cool. HAHA. Seriously my friends put a lot of efforts on doing this model thing. Unlisted. Leny helps me a lot with the clothes. find me a skirt, she is so the next project runway winnnerrrrr. and aishah helps me with the accessoriesss. with the bangle necklace all that and hat. haha and the rest with the support is more than enough. Because I'm new here so I didn't really expect this kind of thingg to happen. thanks classmates. :D

And so the malam busana started about 8.30 p.m and all the persembahans were nice and great. and also the food. although makanan dewan makan je, but for the first time air tak tawar and the nasi ayam all that is okay. but I dont eat that much. for a fact, I'm not dieting. and so we talk talk. and by 9.30 the models start to walk a so-not-official runway. HAHA, everyone was so lucky because they walk by pairs but me I'm not that unlucky I was the last one so I have to walk alone. But my classmates thought that is a chance for me because the judges can concentrate on me. haha. So I walk. I walk awkwardly.

And half an hour later the second round, out of 19 models only 5 will be chosen. :/ I dont really hope on that because I'm so normal compare to other models. But my classmates once again support me by telling me I'm going to make it. And haha I was one of the five finalists. Ant this time we were given one hard question. Kak Miralot was the debater so obviously she'll win and so Kak Mirafatin. But miracle do happen that night. hahahahahahaha.

Guess what? I won. haha. I was crowned with a very cute pink crown (which seems a flower girl crown), haha. and a set of brooch, bouquet a flowers and the thing I like the most I dont know what it is called. HAHAHA. malu aku atas pentas. HAHAHAHA

and that is how the story was. thanks again for the night. especially to my classmates. :D :D :D thanks thanks for the support. and everyone too dormates, rumah hijau and semua oranglah for the compliments and support. I appreciate it. Gedik and Poyo Pictures will be sooooon. HAHA, I told you its going to be very poyo so why are you still reading it? haha.

Form Four. Love Love

Giga Thanks to them. kakitangan 4 Intel. but for the rest too. :D


Moii Biologyyyy teachaaar!

4 Super Intelllllllllllllligent



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