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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sixteen 16

Happy Birthday to youu, Happy Birthday to youu, Happy Birthday to Sarah, Happy Birthday to youuu. :D

HEHE. 2 days more and I'll be sixteen. This is what we call the excitement in a teenager when their birthday is around the corner. and of course I'm hoping for surprises from my parents. hehe. presents perhaps? nahhh. It is enough even A Wish. A Wish which is sincerely come from the bottom of the heart.

People do say that we shd make wishes on our birthday because our birthday is not the day where we celebrate everyday. And I have a lot a lot of wishes. So many wishes I kept deep inside me. Uncountable and some of them are wishes that wont come true. Fr example: Marry with Prince Williams. HAHAHAA =.= and also my other wish that wont come true is my current school turn into a school more like HSM. haha. We're all in this together, once we know...blablabla.

Back to the main topic, I'm sixteen wait I'm sixteeen? heh. Since I'm sixteen, soon, I think I shd act more like a mature person. Because my dad used to say 'awak ni tak matang lagi dalam hidup. Hidup ni banyak benda. Bukan setakat internet online, TV, orang dah matang tak bergaduh dengan adik darjah 3, apa lah sarah ni'

Okayy, conclusion , I'm going to 16. Thats it. Its a normal thing I'm getting older, well who gets younger except Benjamin Button. The curious case of Benjamin Button is a very great movie, Two thums up. Five Star. Awesomeee! :D


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is very early in the morning. I dont know what to do so I turned on to and there it was the fifteen song. Fifteen is not my fav or not even the song I listen everyday where I can remember every single word in that song. Fifteen is just a song. A song.

But I'm writing today to memorise all the good times when I was fifteen. Mainly, being fifteen is one of the greatest time in my life. I start to miss all those moments. I'm not dating anyone when I was fifteen because I think by that time I lost hope about all this love feeling. and seriously I didnt want to give myself the chance of being loved and be loved. So, the most important people are friends after my family. We were 5 beautiful cute preety girls. HAHAHAHAHA. Me, Dira, Liza, Sha, Nyna. There's no ranking between you guys. No first or no second. And we used to hang around at JJ since JJ is the nearest. And our fav thing to do was try on clothes but did'nt buy it. HAHA. It was fun. 5 of us in the fitting rooms and start to vain all that. haha. But now things changed. We are still together but back then I realized we are not as close as we used to. And because of the conflict, I change, she change, we change. But still you guys are the best. :D


And also last year I had this one exam. PMR. I thought not getting all A's for PMR is like the end of the world. HAHA. before. and now, I know Pmr is not really a big thing because the real thing is SPM. I start to realize many people who gets all A's in PMR does'nt get all A's in SPM. and one more thing I realize is I have to study extra hard. extra hard. When I was I was form 3 studying in class was quite fun. I sat at the back so most of the time we talk and talk. and for me the peeps in my class are awesome. :) When I was form 2 I think I cant get along with them so I decided like I do my part you do your part, but then I realized they are awesome awesome and awesome. HAHA. Each of them are different with diffrent weird freak chracacters. I just love you people. :))

And finally when I was 15, I made a chance in my life. Quite a big change, well not so big. I broke the promise to myself. I start to learn to give my chance to love and being love. HAHA :p still, until today, I cant believe for a fact I'm dating my classmate. I told him that I love him fr the first time when I was 15. HAHA. It was funny because we used to argue, I mean like most everyday, and even until today. HAHA. We were classmates since wait waitt,, yeahh I was form 1, but that fr a while, till I moved and when I came back here, we were classmates, Form 2 - 3. and and haha. until today we are classmates. We're in the same class again fr quite many years, I dont know how he made me tell him that I love him because I think no one can easily do that because I knw I'm suchhh an ego. BAHAHA. so still, I'm still with him. :) HAHA. though, we're in the same class, I miss him. EWWWWW. hahahahaha. He's been a very great one to me. I can see that just I cant tell him. and he's everythng to me. HAHA I mean it okayy. Well let just hope he's not going to read this. :) Iloveyouu.

HAHA. some of the good memories when I was fifteeeeeen :P

Friday, March 12, 2010

One perfect bad day

One perfect bad day. Well in the morning I thought my day will be as normal as it used to be. Random days. =.= but it turn out to be one of the worst day ever in this week. I guess. =.= Morning was okay. We got this maulidur rasul sambutan but seriously I dont understand what the ustaz was trying to say. because you know the hall was noisy and the ustaz's voice was unclear so what else can I do? so me and those girls, were gossiping. bad attitude.

and the rest is normal. and marks. not much but okay I guess. I shd work harder so I can get better result. and then later on, we went to amanina. hahahaha. lawak ah. aman apasal da gemok sekarang? she seems fatter seriously. aku tak tau ape sains muar bagi ko makan. heh. and H_SKEMA left me alone :( she went to CC . heh. blah la kauuu!

and and and finally the PBSM. hahaha. lame. seriously this perjumpaan. but the main thing my group ALPHA won the best group. thanks to those who contributes. and go home with my bestfrend. HAHAHAHA. and here the thing start, I missed the rapid bus because I was day-dreaming. so I callled my beloved dadddddy ayah bapak father segala jadah to fetch me at the LRT. an hour mannnnn. heshhhh! sakit kaki aku berdiri! the sec I got in the car kene marah la pulak because I walk too slow. no glucose anymore left in my bod so no energy.

around 7 at home. and and I saw this one fat monster a.k.a ina a.ka my sister she was riding on the bicycle with my most beloved new pair of wedges! I wanna kill her that second and campak dalam longkang. so there was cat fight. throwing stuff all that but thanks, my mom scolded her and so you know I won the war! :D and and then no electricity. ni tak tahan! panas ohh. stiff home in the dark is like urghhhh! disastaaaa! :D and finally when I was bathing, the lights on! yay! :D

If I have the ability to do the fish face, I'll do it everytime I stress!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finallly exams over.

Finally the monthly test is over. I never thought form 4 could be this hard. Seriously I think I should put 200% effort to pass all the exams with flying colours. So so so SARAHHHHHHH! COME ON! YOU GO GIRL! GET 9A+ FOR SPM 2011 ! I'm supporting my selfff again. hehehe. well then who else after all besides my all time motivator loyaa. I lost hope seriously because of few things and and and I lost hope. That is all I know. and I lost hope. :( and the one and only person who supports me 247 a day is of course my GG partner. HAHA. andd I do really hope I get the spirit like I used to have when I was having my PMR yearr. :D and also my mom, she keep telling everything will be just fine . :D I got big dreams since I was a very cute little girl and I keep my dreams until today but as I grow older, I know dreams are not easy to be achieved and before I was very confident but now I'm not sure who am I gonna be one day. whether the person in my dreams or someone I have never been dreaming of.

I saw this cute panda and I think this panda is kinda represents me.

p/s: congrats to ZARAAA! :D

I just dont get it what is wrong with you. You're not the same in many ways. I mean the way you speak to me, the way you look at me. frankly, you changed without realizing it darlinggg. :'(


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally I post somethin

HELLLLLLO. I'm prettttty excited to blog todayy. hehe. since I dont post anything fr a month.

Okayyy. Here the idea comes. I want to write about about about me. haha. well no one interested so perhaps I shd'nt. Okayy about MY BIGGEST FEAR. well its not really my biggest fear because my biggest fear is cat. but my current biggest fear is exam. alahaiii exam. Lots of stuffs to read and to be revised but seee , you can see me on facebook or myspace. fr me, 24 hours is not enough. I need 50 hours a day to manage myself perfectlyy. but I still do spend 1/10 of my 24 hours to study, okayy thats good sarahh! :) stiiil I openn my book. and tomorrow I'm going to sit fr ADDMATHS. and I'm extremely excited in a freak way you can never imagine. :/ malam ni aku nak blaja add maths! :D my prediction tells me, that I'm gonna be sleepy when I open my addmaths book. heh. =.='

And now I'm gonna do some craps on my love life storyy. heh. I dont have much time to crap on this because pleassee sarah is not the lovey-dovey type. but yeah I know what love is because I'm learning it, experiencing it and and and thats all I guess. My mind got stucked. something is blocking it.

Finallly, my essay is going to end about my feeling. the frustration feeling of not being chosen fr the SBP. huh. seriouslyyy, I think my life is okayy and nearly to perfect but you just dont get the feeling. masa depan aku gelap. There are a lot of good teachers in the schoool, but the main thing is not about teacher or anything. Its about me, I've planned what I wanna do in life and for me life has to be according to my plan. but but. :( so now I'm following the flow. I dont wannna plan anything again. :/, so far. duhh.

and I read this one love quote 'DONT BELIEVE IN PROMISES THAT CAN BE BROKEN'. and I think its true. Guy dumbs girl anytime but girl does'nt dumb guy. and guy tells the girl how much they love the girl whereas the guy does'nt really love the girl. but girl don't tell the guy how much they love the guy but deeep deep down there the girl loves the guy a lot. rightt?


Thank You