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Monday, December 14, 2009



The title of this post shows as if i'm an english teacher. Telling everyone to learn english. haha. i'm not. i don't know why i came up with this topic. because we have to learn english. because english is one of the international language nowdays. But here in my place, people don't really speak english because they don't have the confidence to. But we have to, because living in the world like today, we have to speak english because everything is in english. Writing and speaking in english is not the same thing. Some people can write but can't speak because like i said they don't have the confidence. Why are they not confidence enough to speak in english. Because they think their english isn't that good. So here are ways to improve in English.

Ways to IMPROVE your English:

- Firstly, we have to start by learning the grammar. All the is are was were thing. Because grammar is the basic. Easyy. Learn with your english teacher in school. Dont tell me there's no english teacherrr. and buy grammar books and do some practices. :)

-Read more english books like english story books. they help a lot. You'll learn new vocabulary. Read story books that benefit you but at the same time you are enjoying it. fr example, harry potter series. :))

-Be friends with people who are good in english. Because when we spend times with those who are good in english at the same time we are learning english without realizing it. When the person we talk to is speaking in English, we will respond in english too.

-Don't be shy to speak. Because to be good in english, we also have to practice to speak in English. Some people they scared if they speak broken english but why not just give a try, right? When you practice to speak english, sooner you can be good in english. because you know that Practice makes perfect.

I am grateful because I can speak english. I'm not showing off or what. Well i'm not that good in english too and I'm still working on how to improve my english. The person I should thanked the most is my mommmey. She taught me Peter and Jane. and also she read that Peter and Jane book for me. She taught me how to pronounce the words correctly. and also my dad, he taught us to speak english and he speaks english also. and in the car, we listen to lite and easy. the english radio station. My dad listen to english song and so we listen to that kind of song too until now.

Thanks to my parents.

toodles. :)


Eja Syajana said...

HAHA, aku syg kauu SARAFAIRYTALES! :)


haha. aku sygggg ko jugakk sbb tu post tu fer engkauu! haha. sarah lah not sara! haha

Anonymous said...

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Thank You