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Thank You!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hey Hello.

First of all, Good Luck to all form 3 students because as you know Pmr RESULTS will be annouced tomorrow, and I know all of us are now scared waiting for the results. and me too. And I believe I did my best for PMR exams and I work as hard as I can so whatever my results going to be I will be grateful. I'm just scared if I wont get what I'm hoping for. :) sarah sarah, chill. no matter what the results still going to be annouced tomorrow. sarah sarah, good luck. u did ur best and now chill. and yeahhhh i keep telling myself to be chill.

and this words are telling everything is going to be amazing. :)

can somebody replace me for a while.? because I'm so scared to face tomorrow.


Thank You