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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Heyyy HO.

When i was a small cute little girl, i used to believe one day my so-super-hero will come and save me whenever i'm in trouble. Like when i did'nt finish my homework, my super hero will do it for me. Well superman was never a super hero for me and and i don't really like him because he wears his underwear outside. haha. so so so. guess who are my super heroes? My superheroes are the POWERR PUFF GIRLS. i love them. i have two sisters. i'm Blossom and my smalllest sister is Bubble and the other one is Buttercup. I like Blossom because she is red with long her. because my hair used to be longgg. and I always force my sisters to play power puff girls with me. They'll be the monster and i'm the saver. and once again Power Puff Girls save the day. I will always remember that one. and also the MO-JO-JO-JO! haha. :P

But now, its different. there's no more Power Puff Girls. and I'm no longer Blossom and my sisters are not Buttercup and Bubble anymore. I realized my real super heroes are'nt Power Puff Girls, or Superman or even Totally Spies. My real forever superheroes are my parents. It's not like my besties or my boyfrend are'nt my superheroes. It' just like i know they wont stay here with me forever. Bestfriends might go and so as boyfrend. but i know my parents won't go. Frankly, NEVER go. But now i got tonnes of superheroes, my parents, familia, bestiesss (including syed esa's daughta) and and farhan.

Find the right person to be your super hero.Only the right person can save you when you are in trouble. And remember your real forever super heroes are your parents.

so so so who's your super hero?

p/s: thanks to shefa loya for that ole ole. i love yahhhh!

toodles. :)

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