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Saturday, May 30, 2009


from left: haliza. dudu. sarah. nyna. shasha

good evening and good evening.

first of all, congrats to sophiah atiqah bt. mohd salehuddin. her dream comes true. finally. her parents gave her w350 sont ericson for her birthday. she was omg craving for a new hp. sick of ur old one darling? i think so. and u also have downloaded my current fav song. dead and gone by j.t and t.i.. okeh2 good sophiah. bring your phone everyday again.

p/s: take good care of it.

another story. the hari guru celebration. before recess. boring. why? too many perutusan. perutusan prime minister la tu lah ni lah. After recess best. karoeke with teachers. fashion show. ib perfomance and byk2 lagi haihh. dudu. bulu and i were talking . about many many things. one of them. about this one girl in my class. we did'nt like her but i can still blend in with her. i'm more like a hypocrite on to her. so what? same goes as her.

about her. this is the smallest font. this is a bad thing. ok ok. she is a girl which seems so good in front of the teachers. she even act like she is so perfect. cant she realize how much people hate her. everyone are being quite nice becus they are using her becus of her brain. she keep telling us to be a better person but she is so not. not at all. i hate her so much sometimes. i'm quite nice to her. i'm telling the truth. as time goes by. she wanted to be hot. i guess. she said once to me. 'we don't need a hp. hp is not good for us' but now she's using it and i think so that she cn't live without it. she said 'aku risau la hp aku kat rumah' and the worst thing she started to layan all those anonymous that messaged her. and noe . she is desperate for ms. she want it so much so that die tak ketinggalan zamal all these latest news. ye la. dudu and i are the one who told her about all the latest news. she said she dun want to hear about benda yang we did'nt really knoe whether it is true or ot. but she lovesssss gossiping. i think she is obses with the karaoy. fida. bella. sume2 tu ah. addicted to them or maybe she want to be like them. tah lah. i dun know what is wrong with her try to act so perfect but the same time getting worst. huhh.

semoga kawan aku kembali ke pangkal jalan.

i have jus unveiles the truth. i heard about something i have never expected to . e.g: the real people of my class. and i knew things that made me felt guilty. i was so mean to that person but he was so good to me. i'm not that mean la but sometimes he is so annoying. huh. and i cant stand it. lately. i think i am quite ok with him. he even hurt my feelings sometimes. but sometimes he is like a super super good friend to me. so i dun know what should i do. dun wanna think about it. let the time tells what will hapeennn. :)

si aloya ni pun satu. aku da ajak die pegi maen badminton tp die plak semangat sgt nak pegi silat. go go go to your silat thing. haha. i know u love silat and wanna be the pesilat2 negara. kan? hahaha. aliza ni pun same. 3.30 td tanye what is my blog url. i replied 7 minutes later. and die tak jadi nak usha2 blog aku. ape pun haliza nih best. if she is not there . x de sape nak gaduh ngn aku. kan liza bulu? name ko dalam hp aku pun liza bulu aku ingat nak tuka liza doraemon. boleh? boleh la. tp haliza ni kedeng. ngn aku pun tak nak msg. ni aku da tak de message partner da.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


i'm posting a new post again today. u kow what its like a miracle. why? my internet connection laju gle tonite. this shows yg internet tu da rindu kat aku. kan? internet ni malu nak confess yg die rindu aku. hihihi. seriously i dun know wat to write. aku suda ketandusan ideas. huh. weyh bg aku idea. come on. okeh2 i know wat to write. facts about me. okeh.


1. i'm jason mraz's future wife.
2. i cut my nails every sunday.
3. i'm a fan of oldies stuff.
4. i'm not really up to date.
5. my frends called me susu basi when i was primary. haha
6. i dun cry for love.
7. i dun take love seriously.
8. i'm so into new zealand. everything about it.
9. i wear spects. but not in public. during class.
10. i eat a lot.

11.1'm 43-44 kg.
12. i think i grew 2 cm maybe about 157 cm. i'm not tall.
13. i wear high heels. 8 cm.
14. i cry for stupid things. e.g:pensel hilang.
15. i would like to be a cardiologist paeditrician.
16. studying in victoria uni of wellington.
17. my fav subjects are science and math. nerd.
18. i do support all this saving mother earth thing.
19. the most beautiful girl i've ever seen deborah priya.
20. my dream car: bmw 7 series. white solid colour with tinted windows. oooh

21. i love vanilla. i eat vanilla ice cream only.
22. ice blended vanilla in front of my school. super mouth watering. frends said i got sense of humour. hihihi
24. i dun trust guys. should i?
25. i hate watching love stories in cinema.
26. i love maggi too.
27.the only malaysian artist that i like is maya karin . guy: ashraff muslim.
28. i love emma roberts too.
29. this is my birthday date. 29 of mac.
30. i learn arab in school but i feel odd speaking in arab.

31. i prefer english than b. melayu.
32. the motto of my life: do the best because you are the best so u deserve the best. frankly, the best.
33. i'll do anything to make my dream comes true.
34. i love to laugh. according to a research, laughing makes you feel younger.
35. i love to look like a mature but the way i'm thinking is like a 10 years old kid.
36. i enjoy my life.
37. i can crush 100 guys in the same time.
38. i sleep with the lights on.
39. i love a low profile person
40. i'm addicted to piano.

41. i'm addicted to guitarist.
42. my fav ice cream . new zealand natural.
43. i've listed down 100 things to do in life. 5 are completed.
44. the first time i got 1st place in study was at asrama. hihi
45. i'm not good at sports.
46. i can be so girlish sometimes.
47. i'm a particular person especially when it comes to cleanliness.
48. i care about my health. all the time.
49. i love my self and i love the way i are. everyone should.
50. last one: i'm always lucky in life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Exam da habis. i know i'm not suppose to be happy coz pmr makin dekat eventhough diagnostic baru sahaja habis . continue with my happy stories. macam2 happy stories ade dalam kepala otak aku nih. the kenduru thing. the visiting thing. unlistable. haha . i'm making my own word again. hihihi.banyak sangat story happened. i've wrote that but i'm writing that again. ape la aku nih. hehe have you listen to gaga's poker face acoustic version . omg! bes gle. every part. i love it . so much. i'm currently posting. ya i know u'm doing it. shd i write anyway. and i've uploaded new photo at myspace. a picca with haliza gla. lek a liza. kalau ko bace jgn a marah. hehe. aku pun gle gak. aku tau. haha. haliza ni . aku selalalalalu sangat gaduh dgn die. my day is not perfect kalau tak gado ngn minah sorang nih. da la ktorg share jantung hati. she said hahahaha. aku tak batak la weyh kat die. not my type la liza oi. ahahaa

A visit to ustazah's ros house.

hari yang tersangatla panasnye. super hot. i'm with the
baju kurung. makin panas la. i'm sweating. and i hate that feeling. you too?

mereka mereka yang hadir:

haliza - baju kurung biru . sgt anggun / nya: baju kurung oren . preeetty! / epit- this one i can say. sumpah stylo! epit mmg stylo la. with his branded clothes. he bring along his dcslr(if im not mistaken). / yol- die ni plg simple . hee / paan- he's quite cute. with new zealand shirt. / dira- kawan aku paling jelita. aku jeles do. hahaha. bangge ar tu /nik's family / acap- otai / malas la nak tulis lagi. i've complimented them but aku tak risau they gonna read this. they did'nt even know that i got this blog. heee heee / putri - we said over.

happy teacher's day

happy teacher's day dear teacher-teacher ku. thx for every single thing teachers. i love you. we do have to appreciate them . kan kan? say yes. eventhough cikgu tuh make up over. ugly ke. jahat ke. ape ape ke. we stiiiilll have to respect.


pn norasah: terima kasih sebab ajar bm. cikgu terbaik. =)
teacher rafidah: you are great. =)
pn mastura: cikgu math terhebat! =)
teacher hanum: cikgu puteh yang lemah lembut dan baik =)
uztazah asma': ustazah yang sangat penyabar =)
ustazah ros: uztazah pal
ing sporting =)
cik shuhaibah: a superb sejarah teacher.=)
pn norainon: cikgu yang cantik manis yang baik =)
pn norliza: cikgu kh tersporting =)
cik bariah: cikgu yang sporting =)
puan erni: cikgu yang sangat cantik dan baek =)

cikgu shahila (last yer class teacher) da ade baby.
congrats cikgu!
we love you!

nyna said:

today yuma lepak ngn ktorg. aku malu ngn die. hehehe. aku control ayu. malu doh. comel burung antu aku. walaupun yuma muke macam burung antu aku tetap suke die. gurau je. dulu la. kesian sarah shah rukh khan tak datang. die tgk mu lawan barca. hihi. finally barca menang.

peah said:
kyla just read the bad things i wrote about her. she deserved that. tu la bajet pious lagi. people around pun tak suke die. aku memang nak die bace. pun. geramnye aku kat die. da la jahat. bukannye bagos. aku tau la aku ni jahat tp at least aku ten times better than her. huhu

the last day of exam

kh is the last subject for exam. saat saat terakhir . gembiranya. hehehe. aku cite hot hot kat peah pasal life aku ngn jason mraz. pastu si mas tuh die ckp aku berangan . who knows one day aku marry ngn die and become a millionaire. live at wellington. build a mansion at auckland. own an apple farm. bes weyh. then got 4 kids. geek in the pink. bella luna. im yours. lucky. comel2 my kids name. then everyday naik flight balik malaysia. ye la aku kan doctor yg currently working in hkl. im a cardiologist paeditrician. ceh ceh. hehehe. aku nak tumpahkan jasa n bakti kepada malaysian yg tercinta. no matter how much i love new zealand , malaysia still at the first place in my heart. i love malaysia! heee heeee

p/s: rekaan semata mata except for malaysia thing.


ashuru farhun was surrur.
i'm so haaaapppy.


Saturday, May 23, 2009


suicide story

friday evening after school. nyna and i thought of studying at the school library. mathematic . but unfortunately. the library cannot be use . huh. so went up to the class. study math kat class. then i went to nyna's place to take my stuff. we walked sambil gelak2. haha. ktorg sampai at the ground floor. kat tempat lift tuh. but then. so many people there. diorg berkumpul tgk ape tah. we were curious. wondering what is happening. tapi aku npk kotak je. i asked the uncle. and he said ade orang bunuh diri, gila ah! i got nearer and saw blood. omg! i never even seen a dead body. ni nampak a dead body bunuh diri. ktorg pun naek atas to see clearer. with my spects help i saw that. baju that girl koyak. for me. bodoh gle that girl. maybe it is becus boyfriend? study? wateverla . who am i to involve. tibe2 i cant breathe . omg! panic gle. ni sume pasal benda tuh la. huh. i got into nyna's house and take a seat. relax. and everything is fine!


exam masih lagi berlangsung . huh. busy studying. i guess. poyo je . exam semua susah2 belaka. of cos diagnostic kan? i feel down sometimes thinking i did'nt did my best . i think. but one thing build up my confidence. i got A for arab. hihi. i'm not that proud of it. but of cos happy. who does'nt happy of getting A? everyone does. okeh tuh je for the exam slot. hopefully . i got 9 a's. =)


this is not about me making a new myspace. myspace yg da sedia ade ni pun tak terlarat nak online. ni pasal darling aku yang tercantik buat myspace. nyna la. she had a myspace. finally. congrats dear! so skrg both of us ade myspace. i put her at the first place kat myspace so jason mraz aku da jatuh takhta. hahahaha

got to go. hakim adk aku da jadi gile . cannot wait his turn to use the internet.
the unlucky part of me .



Friday, May 15, 2009


nik nadhirah farhana sahabat terhebat.

today might be one of the saddest day for sophiah. i feel odd writing sophiah . peah je la. coz i'm used to call her with that name. she just broke up with her bf. she wanted the relationship to come to the end. peah asked me for help. like pretending like i'm her on the phone while talking with her bf. we wanted to do that last few days but many problems melanda. so i called her bf after school today. afiq, her bf. did picked up the phone. so i'm peah .

sarah:ni afiq? sory kalau fea ganggu. fea ada sumthing important nak bgtau afiq.

afiq:ape fea?

sarah:fea rase kte kene break . coz afiq dah ade org baru

afiq:tak afiq ade fea je.

*continue with mustaqim, mas and paan . peah's new bfs*

i did'nt really get what they were talking about.

but i heard suami la. sabun daia la . kb mall . area setiawangsa

ape dorg ckp pun aku tak faham

frankly, it was fun pranking peah's bf.


he served that.

dear peah.

dun be sad . u'll get used to it. he's nothing la. its better go and chase adam your ex tuh. haha. kan? haha i know u'll read this. eventhough at your home no internet service. bukak kat your hp. no wonder your bill reached 200++ haha dasyat!

sincerely from:

miss new zealand (u know who's that)

exam next week.

exam next week.

exam next week.

exam bext week.

exam next week.

there's no use writing the same thing many times.

i gotta do something

do what?

asking stupid thing?

go and study lah!


for everyone:

(i'm writng arabic)

man jadda wa jadda

siapa berusaha pasti bejaya


man zaro'a' hasoda

siapa yang menanam dia yang menuai

azhabu ilal ghurfatu lianna arji'u' ad-dardsu

i'm goin to my room to study.

next time we'll learn new words.


Thursday, May 14, 2009


i feel really awkward. now. i meant we. nyna and me. my computer is having a problem where i cant open the microsoft words. urghh . this causes a problem to me. u knoe why? i suppose to do my kerja kursus . then. i bring this matter to my dear dad . and he said why not do it at cc. cc? omg. it's a unsuppose to go place . for a student i mean. haha nerd kan aku nih? sa this morning i talked to nyna . ajak die g cc to do work . shes fine with that . i guess. so i asked to paan . which cc yg paling selamat. ang he said tbun . cc ape tuh? haha . f.y.i my school is near to the cc. byk cc in this area. i dun think so goin to cc is a good idea but what else can i do.? pastu they said cannot get into the cc with school unform so i change to baju sukan . ble smpai kat cc kan. ktorg memang sumpa blur gle. like what we're suppose to do. that's why i said i feel awkward. ktorg duduk kat 18 and 19. kat cc tuh plak. no microsoft words. masalah. internet connection pun masalh. wat kind of cc is this? huh. so i decided jus to do my kerja kursus dengan tangan. i bet this will hurt my hand. kan? kene tulis bundles of words. pape la. lepas nih we decided to go j.j. nyna wanna find some revision books. just now we watched aus next top model. they're tall. hihi. kan bes jadi tinggi. anyway, at least i know hows the feeling at cc. ye la. most of the time i online at my home sweet home. da lah people here love to cuss. i dun cuss. seriously. kecuali i cant control my temper. ade org behind me cuss. he said mantik. haha.

wont go here anymoreeeeeeee!

freaking news.

i've got diagnostic exam next week. people.
like so it is a freaking news.
not fer you la but fer me.
seems like this is the last time i online before diagnostic.
so long. im saying goodbye to my blog?
i'll update after exam.
thats for sure!

i just wish my mom mother's day.
a rally bad daughter.
at least i do wish.

that's all.

Friday, May 8, 2009


a very good afternoon. right now, i'm spending my time with nyna , liza plus peah . my loved ones . uwekk! sounds gay . haha . jangan marah ehh dear frends . ok? i do really love you guys . asembly . tadi was silent reading . really boring thing . i hate this session . i took out my book. buku ape tah . buku ape eh aman? oh ya, dr jekyll . buku tuh mmg best but i never read it . haha . its okeh nk dekat exam nant i will read it. then ade tazkirah about solat . ktorg pun dgr dengan khusyuk. so true dear! pastu . ade helicopter . mantik tgk banyak kali . ade org ckp die cute tp mcm jakun . haha. anyway . hari ni is jus a normal day . nothing special happened .

nyna ask me to write this:
she's hot
she's beautiful
she's sexy
she's a future miss world

she will own a 5 series bmw ( i own the seven series)
she will stay in the sri maya condo

liza ask me to write:
aku rindu skema
aku rindu doraemon
semalam bapak doraemon datang
rindu dira sebab die always busy je
aku on the way nak buat myspace

aman buat air sedap
sarah tak reply msg aku then saje ckp nk tdo padahal nak msg ehem2
smlm ade org gle mrh aku .

peah ask me to write:

regret coz i did'nt came to school
could'nt see my jantung hati adam.
already have email
my bf wont pick up my call
nak mkn mc don.
ade org ckp i pakai specs mcm norish

aku suke spec sarah sebab cantik mcm die

teacher rafidah ask for help to find songs for fashion show:
i suggest:
-just dance

-if you seek amy
-when i grow up

*i'm so into CIRCU
S song*

we love this one

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is the Anugerah Cemerlang day. My school is weird la. other school do their anugerah cemerlang day on saturday but my school in thursday. ape ape la. and my school don call it anugerah cemerlang but anugerah kualiti. kelas yg belakang2 tu principal kasi cuti. bes la enn diorg. my classmates pun ramai yg absent. u know what? even the two geniuses who suppose to ambik award pun tak datang. that's a great thing. u know why? sebab diorg tak datang, their names has been cancelled. padan muka! haha . and the good thing is my ranking terus naek to the second. bagus2. mcm biase la, start je ucapan la dulu kn? omg . pn rokiak and the datuk membebel was about 1 hour! 1 hour! membazir saliva je manusia2 nie. when it was my turn to take the award kn, suddenly rase malu sgt2. tah la. didi the 3G boy pun dtg. haha . pastu ade mcm persembahan . pesembahan plg best goes to the asmaradanas dancers . nice job , dear dancers . i sat next to syahril . bes la gak sit nxt to him. at least , boleh borak2 dgn die. his parents amik cuti jus to see him taking his award . bagus gle . syahril pun memang ank yg patut dbanggakan . wow. cant believe i'm quite good at speaking malay too. cehh poyo je.

hadi, kyla, me , bella , syahril
bella the most genius

the choir. people
spot syefa and wil.

shefa and i vained at the bus stop. die slalu teman aku naek bas.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


this is not my first time blogging. i've jus deleted all my older posts. why? should i write. no. no. no. i thought of deleting my blog but loya said i don have to. about blog again, nyna my darling dearest bestfrend have just made a blog. her template is jus the same as mine when i first made it. the really pink one. she loves pink a lot. her guess handbag pun pink. everything kalau boleh have to be pink. now both of us got blog.

nyna's blog:

now i'm using the smallest font size. ni nak tulis pasal about our other bestfrend shasha. she's a good girl with a kinda hearted. but, kesian die. she did'nt live happily. her family, trouble kot. frends, some pulaukan die. we, try to give her the best. we've tried so many times to let her know that she should change. but is does'nt work. she still with her same habits. one thing, nyna and i did'nt like the most about her is, she's not that smart (bukan kutukan) she always got D's for exam. but the reason we did'nt like her is not becus shes not a smart, BUT she did'nt work hard to do something with her results. pendek cite, x nak berusaha la. she always hope nyna and i can give her answers. it's not like both of us kedekut ilmu. but she has to work on her own. exam pun kene face sendiri kn? secondly, she always not there for us when we need her. but everytime she got probs with those guys , sape yg tolong? ktorg gak. is that wat frends for? looking for them when we need them but leave them when we have probs? no. frends are there for each other no matter what. huh. we've told her so many times to change but it doesn't work . so all we can do is just be quiet and let her manage herself with the way she think. whatever it is, she still our besty. full stop about shasha.

about this thing i'm still gonna use the smallest font. becus its a really really sad thing.

last two weeks was exam week . last week was the getting marks weeks. my results. let me describe in a word. PATHETIC. Now i'm regretting. i lost the semangat to study but a frend said supposely lagi semangat ble dpt results truk. all i got was 6 a's. 6 a's sahaja!

Mathematic i did'nt got A for it. why? i think it's becus pn. mastura did'nt forgive us. da lama da bend ni. we were practicing for the lakonan thing until we forgot to get into her class. she was dissapointed i guess. she said if my class did'nt find a single period utk ganti . she dun want to forgive us. dah la, the next week tuh exam. since that day, she changed kot. tah lah. Pn . Mastura still the best!

Sejarah subject nih memang la. tak nak comment byk2 about this becus i do really weeaak in sejarah. but noe i think i love sejarah dah kot.

K.Hidup . as known as living skill subject . i'm not good at living on the earth. tah lah. but kh ada correction . they said 5 marks will be added. hopefully, it's true. so that i can get A . berserah sahaja! =)

thank god i did'nt forgot the incident of the day. kisah nyna and me. i went to her place. it was noisy . mcm biase la. turn the music loud. then, pukul bpe tah she was praying. suddenly i heard people knocking. dgn gelabah i got into nyna's room and locked it. pastu, i told to her what i've heard. die pun batal smbhyang. she lean againts the door and try to hear the sound i said. she admit she was hearing it too. then, we remember we left the keys outside and the door x kunci. we was so scared. handphone nyna pulak kat living room. ktorg pun berzikir. cuak gle. first time , i felt like in the movie. suspen . then we try to get into the kitchen reach for a knife. nasib baek ade satu pisau tajam nih. we opened the door and there was nothing! hahahahaha. since that stupid incident we never gonna leave the keys outside.

Thank You