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Saturday, December 12, 2009


MOTHER. everyone has a mother. and so as me. my mom is a great woman. she cares a lot about me. she is the one to makesure i'll be someone in future. i'm never a good daughter. there are a lot of stuff where my mom and i are not agree with. my mom always wanted me to have the best in everyhting whether school, food, friends. everything. she wants me to get the best. but sometimes i cant get the best because i'm not the best. i'm just sarah. i'm never a daughter my mom always hope i am. i do stuff and follow my so-immature-way-of-thinking. and that's the main reason why there's always arguement between me and my mom. and when i'm not like the daughter she wants me to be. she pissed off of course and see, i think i broke her heart. i still remember when i was 12 and had the upsr thing. she is the one to look after my studies, buy books and teach me of course. but me i took it for granted, mom wanted me to get all A'S so that i can go to boarding schoool and get all the genius freaks friends. but i got 4 a's only. so i wont be able to go to the kind of genius freaks schoool. but my mom she still wants me to go to good school. so finally, i went to SBU. sbu is a good school with smart students. but my so-immature way-of-thinking drove me crazily. there are a lot of things i do that break my mom's heart. i'm sorrry mama. as i grow up, and become more mature i started to realize all the things i have never realize before. and when i'm 15 my one and only resolution is to be better than i was. and i work hard to make sure i can get good grades so that i can make my mom happy again. and and my results are okay. and i hope my mom to be happy. and yeah now i'm waiting for pmr results. if i dont score all a's, once again i broke my mom's heart. and from the first i knew i wasn't a good daughter. i'm sorrrrry. i'm just a 15 year old girl. teenager. who sometimes do the wrong things. i do change. but my mom can't see. or maybe she won't see it anymore coz i broke her heart's so many times. and i want to thank my mom fr every single thing she did to me. everything. and i love her. because i'm nothing without her.

i love you mama.

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