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Wednesday, December 16, 2009



I was a baby once upon a time. and i was super cute. haha. well babies are cute. I have never seen an uncute baby. Have you seen a baby which is not cute? well you will never see an uncute baby because babies are born to be cute. I dont really know what to post at the first place, but this baby told me to write about him. I dont know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Babies seems to be unisex. pffft. haha. Babies are innocent.

But I dont get it why people are still mean to babies. read papers and you can find. BAYI DIJUMPAI DALAM TONG SAMPAH and whatsoever. maybe the baby's mom does'nt want the baby so put him somewhere good not by throwing him anywhere. Eventhough, they are babies, they have feelings (i think) and they also have the right to have a happppy life in future. Babies are innocent. Its the baby's unmarried parents fault, right? heh. Whats wrong with people nowadays. :/


This is why I adore babies :

-They are super adorable. I want them to be in my arms.

-They make cute faces where you can't resist.

-They are innocent because they know nothing about life.

-They hungred for their mother's touch.

-They learn to smile and their smile are'nt fake.

-They try to interact with us though sometimes it does'nt works.


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