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Monday, November 30, 2009

hey hey hello human. and here i am trying to face all these dark days passing by. yeah these are all the consequences i gotta face no matter what. and yeah my feet gottta be really stronggg to make sure i'm fine standing on this bigggie world. do u know that song i'm a big big girl in a big big world is not a big big thing if u leave me. that song kinda inspired me but the song inspired me the most is i will survive. goshhhh, the person who composed that song was a geniusss. :P

we cant really hope fr someone else to be our shoulder to cry on becus not everyone is a good shoulder. like me i used to have a happy life but yeah now i'm not at the top so obviously i need a shoulder to cry on? but how would u feel if someone u always thought the greatest shoulder after all was'nt the greatest one? and yeah thats how i felt. but yeah he does'nt has to be the greatest shoulder for me to love him becus no matter what i'll love u mannnnnn. :P at leasttt aku ade loyaaa. wahaha. kene be grateful. at least loya slalu angkat hp kalau aku nangissss. :( hahahaha. but yeah i'm showing my appreciation to all my friends. nina liza dira sha. for all your supportsssss. :P and kepada tupai jugak. hahaha :/

i stole this tag from loya's blog :P

1.Do you need him/her to be good looking?
-a must. pointed nose pretty teeth. :P hidungggg. :P

2. Smart ?

3. Preferred age?
-3 years older. kalau same age pun okayyy. haha

4. Preferred height ?
-170 cm plusssss. but yeah gotta be taller than me. even kalau aku pakai heels. haha

5. How about sense of humor?
-perlu perlu. aku tak suke laki yg that serius . pandai buat lawak.

6. How about piercings?
-tak nakkkkkkk! memang aku bunuh die. pierce2 nie.

7. Accepts you for who you are ?
- yes. if he cant accept my worst then he does'nt deserve my best.

8. Pink hair?

9. Mushy or no?

10. Thin or fat?
-kurus kurus. muscular and fat are no no.

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
-white or brown. sedap mata memandang

12. Long hair or short hair?
-short hair. :P

13. Plastic or metal?
-the combination of plastic and metal.

14.Smells good?
-yesssssssss. :P

15. Smoker?
-jgn ckp smoker. shisha pun aku tak nak. haha. :p but shisha acceptable.

16. Drinker?
- tak nakkkkkkk!

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
- huh?

18. Musically inclined?
- yess. coz i love music.

19. Plays piano?
- okayyy. but i prefer guitarist. mcm jason mrazzzz :P

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
- yes like my current husband jason mrazzzz.

21. Plays violin?
-hmmm. dun care.

22. Sings very good?
- i like it but not a must.

23. Vain?
- yes yes mcm farhan. haha

24. With glasses?
-yes yes. eh no. joke joke. nina loves guys with glasses.

25. With braces?
-braces? 24 and 25 ques ni mcm refers to someone. haha

26. Shy type?
- ??? depends.

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
- accepting him for who he is.

28. Active or passive?
- in the middle.

29. Tight or bomb?
- in the middle,

30. Singer or dancer?
- singer. tak nak dancer. ;p

31. Stunner?
- oh tak sukaa. menyampahhhhh.

32. Hiphop?
- hahahah. no.

33. Earrings?
- haram. HAHA!

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
- no need

35. Dimples?
-suke suke. mcm farhan haha :)

36. Bookworm?
- yes! :))

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
-message je lah. ape barang letter.

38. Playful?
- hahahaha. :P

39. Flirt?
-tak nakkkkkkkkkkkk!

40. Poem writer?
-not bad. :)

41. Serious?
- not too serious,

42. Campus crush?
-hahahaha. :P yeah experiencing it.

43. Painter?
- love too.

44. Religious?
- perlu perlu untuk membimbing diri aku. whaha.

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
-hmmm. dosa. tp hahaha. same like me.

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
- okay. i would love to. :)

47. Speaks 20 languages?
- tak payah. 2 language cukup.

48. Loyal or faithful?
- bothhhhhh!

49. good kisser ?
-haha. what kind of ques is this?

50. loves children ?
- a must. nant kalau kawenn mcm mane ha? haha

thanksss fr the tag.

i miss ACLP peoplee. :) misss u people lots and lots. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goooooddd Morninggg. heyy its 7.20 in the morningg and i am here updating my black blogg. :) haha. yeaaa i made it! i woke up 6.30. shower then bla bla. and finally i'm here. nooe mannn i'm going tomorrow. well to make it official, i'm going tonight. because yeaa tonight i got stuff to buy then my dad decided to send me to my aunt's place. okeh la kat rumah nenek aku because yeah my nenek live with my aunt. so yeahhh boleh jumpe nenek aku. haha :P and the greatest thing is i can sleep at my grandma's bed mannn like i used to do :P so bye humannnn. i knw u gonna miss me. mak aiii perasannnnye aku. haha. well biase lah tu. :)

heyyy today is my last day going to school :) nooo its not a happy smiley it suppose to be a sad cute smiley like me :( ritttte? and yeahhh so bye bye smk wm2. well im not sure if i'll be studying nxt year in the same schoool. a very sad day mann. and a big wave from me to all the teachers, pak cik mak cik kantin, the guards and of course to all my beautiful and handsome friends including puteri and kila. :P hahaha. i'm so meannn. and seriously its a sad bye bye from me to everyone. though i hate puteri but yeah i'm still sad. i'll never see again her compact powdered face. hahahaha :) and no, u knw what? like lots of memories we've been creating there. :) yeahh and most of them are goood memories . yeah the memories when i think i'll laugh. :) yeahh smk wm2 is also a place where i found my true friends. those friends where i dun have to be super hot to be part with them. those friends who love me because of i am me. and the most important, we are not backstabbing each other. though wangsa maju 2 name is not as hot as wangsa maju 5, or melawati high or even seri bintang but yeahhh wangsa maju is still wangsa maju and there is no such school in the whole world like wangsa maju. :P haha. cehh. since when i am so in love with wangsa maju 2 nie. well actually to be honest i am fallling for wangsa maju 2. :P okeh yeah, semoge wnagsa maju 2 's name akan terus maju. haha :P and yeah i am actully trying to, by getting good result i hope boleh majukan wangsa maju 2. but u knw when it somes to koko. haha. i do nothing :P

and yeahh i'm going to school. later lahh. with my dad. he's jogging. yeahh good my dad is practicing a healthy life style. thats why i'm kinda that too. :P haha. yeah i mean i always try to avoid those carcinogenic food. yeahhh . i mean itt. :p its better to prevent than cure kann? and yeahh i think i'm doing the rite thingg. yeahhh a right thinggg. go sarah! haha :P and u knw u gotta eat to eat more veges. even me i seldomly eat veges. haha. yeahhh but now, i'm trying to eat more veges and fishhh to :)

and and ehhh this posttt is getttin longer mann. yeahh shd be a long post u knw because later ten days i'm goinggg. and when i got back no school anymore so i'm doing nothing. huh. gaining my weight je lah. i thinks. haha. yeah but saya nak tengok new moooon mannn. :) well i'm not really a big fan of the twillight series but yeah i am enjoying it. :P u knw whattt. nothinggg. :)

heyyy i knw how to do the love logo. haha. finallly mannn. i keep thinking . whats the code rupenye. as eassyyy as ABC. hahah. yea i knw i'm kinda out dated. :P

so yeahhhh bye bye.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

its a hot sunday afternooon. tomorrow its mondayyy. no! well everyone hates monday right? but fer me the greatest day in the week is saturday. :) yeaaaa. dun u guys just love saturdayyyy? :) and later i'm going somewhere, i need some fresh air for me to breath. i neeeed to release my tension. :P haha. i'm not tension but you knw i'm not really in a good mooood. i need to do some kind of stuff that make me move and sweatt. :)

errr... i just called my friend loya and i lied her about sumthing but then i confessed that it was just a lie. but you knw, when i was talking about the whole lying thing she was like 'jahatnye ko sarah' haha. and repeating it over and over again. i was kidding. yeaa, but if she wants me to prove i can :P. she was like 'kesian die'. haha. heyy i'm not that mean. :( haha. i was kidding. i wont do that. yea i wont . i mean it. girl, i wont do that and never. err, u knw how much i love that person. haha. sumpah gayy. haha. yeaa, u knw i'm a one loyal fellla. :P yea, always. ehh aku syg doe kat die. :) yeaaa, so true.

facebooook besst. haha. yea moreover all the social interview thinggg. haha. :P i just love it. u knw .answering stupid questions about your friend. :P haha. and about yourself too. :) hahaha.

tata. :P

Saturday, November 7, 2009


it's raininggggg. and i love rainnny night. when you sleep on a rainy night its like heaven mannn. haha. and yeah i'm so bored. can anyone take me to the moon becus i'm bored on earth. dun ya feel bored living on this earth. eh eh eh no i'm kidding i wanna always be on earth. what for going to moon. there's no internet. haha. so i cant facebook-ing. seriouslyyyyyyy i'm bored. i duunooo what to do.

i just got back from melaka trip and yeah it was great. but not so great. i dunno. i rated the trip, 5 stars out of 10 stars. you knw when you go to melaka place you'll be visiting of course that stadhuys buliding, and that big a famosa and the ship. bla bla. thats all. and the weather was like freakingg hot. seriously kl pun tak panas mcm tue kott. haha. :P haih. but when night, sejuk. the place we stayed is near to the beach so when night you can feeeel the angin laut you know and i really like it. that's what i like the most. and when night my bed is next to the window and the windows are not close so yeahhh feeel it. :P kalau dalam about 3 4 in the morning lagi bestt. :P and when you are on the phone. its like so fantasticcc. :) and thats all i remember bout melaka the historical city :)

and next weeek i'm going awayyy again for 10 DAYS!! 10 days. lamenye. i got this programmme. so yeah. bye. :) i'm gonna miss faceboook. :P haha. a lot and a lot. heh. :) and bye bye. i'm doing awayyyy. :P

i'm not goooood, so not.


tata :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


esok Melaka yaww. HAHA. saya sangat gembira. kwn saya ckp suroh saya tulis lg byk bm sebab saya orang melayu. hbs tu, orang melayu tak boleh tulis english ke? suke hati saya lah. tapi sekarang saya memang sedang berusaha untuk menulis lebih banyak bm. but still saya akan tulis lebih banyak english. kenapa saya ni teruk sangat. haha. suke hati anda la nak judge saya macam mane sebab as long as saya gembira, saya tak kisah. :P saya sangat boring sekarang nie. saya tunggu kwn baik saya on ym tapi die masih belum on. knp agaknya ye? takpe takpe saya masih menunggu. heyy Melaka. tak sabar lah. ye la dah lame kott saya tak melencong sane sini dengan kawan kawan saya yang cantik dan manis nie.

sekarang ialah hari Ahad yang mendung. saya nak tidur. ZZZ.. and saya memang patut tidur. :P tapi saya masih di sini meng-update blog saya. :P saya rase susah sangat nak tutup computer nie. hidup ni sebenarnya perjuanagan kan. saya bace dekat blog hanis zalikha. wait wait. siape kenal hanis zalikha. saya kenal die through majalah remix. :P die model yang tinggi dan lawa. dan die mempunyai kehidupan yang sangat sempurna dan saya sangat jeles sebab saya tak pernah tengok orang yang mempunyai kehidupan sesempurna die. ehh saya da tulis 2 perennggan bm. :P bagus2 . ini improvement.

my dear small cousin sofia got blog. omg mann. she's 10 and now she's blogging. she's too young. what stuff kids write in blog huh? :P well kids got their own life too. right? when i wa 10 i know nothing about this whole blog thing. i started blogging when i was 14. yeah since november last year. i love to read peep's blog. yeah kinda stalking stuff. :P i wanted to have blog when i was 18 but i got blog 4 years earlier .:) P-O-Y-O . heyy i got two blogs. but yeah the other one is a private blog :P only me and no one else can read. :) this one make it public. i dun like people who cuss in their blog. hate it. but whatever their life and their stuff. err seriously myspace boring. yeah boring since i deleted all those friends. what friends for kalau tak tegur pun on myspace.? sekarang my friends left like 200 ++.

okayyy tata. :P


kwn saya ckp semalam ade orang dewasa tu suke bace blog saye lepastu judge saya tak tentu pasal. ehh. menyampah aku. kalau setakat nak stalk stalk and know nothing about my whole awesome life get lost lah. :P
go and get a life. if you hate me and know nothing bout me , then what fr do you read. oh yeah i knw so then on the next day you can spread rumors kan? duhh. you are pathethic. :( get lost woman.

tatata. :P

Thank You