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   I'm Sarah. I'm 16. What else? I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a lover and many mores. So as you can see I'm a lot of things. I live in KL but I spend most of my precious time in Pahang Darul Makmur because I'm currently a student of SBP Integrasi Temerloh which makes me a nerdo. I'm a SPM candidate of 2011 so so so so so please pray for me. I'm hoping so badly to score with flying colours in SPM 2011. And if you got this question mark in your head about me do ask at

I belief that change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become so let's make a change. Well it is actually a copy and paste quote because I'm not good at playing inspiring words. Honestly. But one thing I am practicing to make my life better is being grateful for everything. I'm looking forward a perfect life, baby.
I'm in a learning process so please forgive me for all my mistakes and I appreciate your admonitions nor compliments. And if you don't like my blog it's okay. :)

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