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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Romance. -GAGA ULALA-

BAD ROMANCE. One of Gaga's song. I like that song. I like the part rah-rah-ah-ah-ah roma-... cool! For me Gaga is a prettty woman. Well is she exactly a woman? I read news paper last two weeks. Lady Gaga is not a woman. well she is man + woman. She is Unisex? Isn't that cool. She can switch her gender anytime she wants. But sadly, she already transformed herself into 100% woman because she found out that she has more female hormone than male hormone. So she is more into a woman. And finalllllly. She is a woman today. A pretty woman. I like her nose. Because her nose is so perfect. She did a nose job I think. I want to do nose job tooo. HAHAHA. no no. I'm kidding. :P but go GAGA you rock! :D

Have you ever have this feeling want to be someone in life. I mean like. You talk to yourself -I wish I am not me - I wish I am someone else with looks and money and brain? - I always have that kind of thoughts in my head. Because I know I'm not a grateful person. but I'm trying to be grateful.

p/s: I hate that girl because she likes to compare myself and her. She meant the world to me last time but no longer now . Sorry. You are pathetic . Go get a life. Stop comparing me and you. If you want to be more than me in every ways. go ahead. I dont mind at all because all I know is my life is perfect enough and which is better than you

Friday, January 22, 2010



Don't tell me you don't know Jason Mraz. I like him a lot. a lot and a lot. I don't like him because of his look because he's not hot at all. HAHA. but he got talent in music. I like his music. :P and and and I love all his awesome songs! I like Bella Luna the most. sooothing jazzy music. :) And yeah I'm telling you Jason Mraz is a very lowwww profile person. He's not really into all these branded stuff. He is himself. :) another thing is he is HTC model. I like HTC. but I cant afford it. toooooo expensive. And finally the reason I like him is because he was born on the same date and same year . which is 23rd june 1970. = my mom's birthday. :) Its very hard to say Jason Mraz is not goooood because he is absolutely goooooooooooood! :D And we got things in common which is we hate smokers. and once I heard Jason Mraz on hitz telling malaysians to stop smoking. =.= pathetic Malaysian smokers! and one more thing is we support all these mother nature things. like use reusable plastic bags. and also greeeening the earth. :) me loikkeee you JASON MRAZ!

And its quite weird I am more into all these oldies songs. HAHAHA. but I enjoy listening to latest music too. It is just like I love oldies songs more. You will never know the songs I like because you definitely never know -what the heck is this songg about. lame- HAHA. people used to say that when I tell them I like that kind of musics. Do you know Casablanca? NO. Killing me softly? NO. Brother Louie? NO. Right here waiting? NO. so you don't know right? HAHA. but for me I like these songs because they use proper english. :P lagu sekarang? HAHA. lyrics mengarot. =.=

bye bye shakila. :) Have a better life at your new place friend. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010



Today is Monday . The day I suppose to sit on my table and finish up all my homeworks. But yeah I'm here because I feel like writing and expressing out my feeeeling. I'm a human and so as you so we got this sad sad sad feeeling though we don't want to. I'm not exactly feel sad. Its more like my feelings are mixed up.

so here goes my current feeling equation: HAHA

sarah's current feeling: sad + guilty + happy + unknown feeelings.

I dont get it why am I feeeling this wayy. I'm sad because I'm not offered for the SBP. :(( I was wondering why all my friends were offered. My mom told me since I chose for the Pure Science (Agama) I will not be offered for Pure Science School . And I'm kinda regret because I chose that Pure Science (Agama) stream. No wonder all my friends who got 8 a's and a B were offered because they chose pure science stream. Including my bestfriend and some other people. Moreover, I'm not a 9 a's student so the chance for me to be in pure science (agama) ... u know so no chance mann! :p But yeah the day when SBP results were annouced I was upset because my mom is the one who told me to chooose pure sc (agama) stream. so yeah I was quite mad some kind of that feeling with her. But I realized I'm not that islamic so thats the main reason my mom wanted me to go to agama stream. But my mom also knew I was freakingg frustrated . thats why she gave the chance for me to continue in pure science eventhough she really wants me to be in pure science agama but.... But mannnn this guilty feeeling because I cant be the daughter my mom have been dreaming of. Thats why. I realized that for my mom. I am her priority. :) I love youuuu mama. :D

p/s: And also to all my friends that are going to SBP soooooon. Gooodluck friends. :) And to those who did'nt get the chance like me. Buat rayuann aa weyh cepat2. :D

Finallyyy, And also to a bestfriend of mine who applied for sekolah menengah teknik but he did'nt get it, be stronggg! I'm here for youuu. :D I know you're not really into account but one day you'll find out that account is quite interesting. :) No matter where you are you can be a successful person if you really want to. :) I love youuu.

HAHA. this post is getting longer so BYE BYE. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's my Darling and I'm her honeyyy. :-* ♥♥♥♥♥


Thisss post is specially dedicated to my beautiful bestfriend nur amanina azimi! :-* she'll be going to Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar. :( So you knoww it's goingg to be kind hard for us to gosssip all night long. And maybe me InsyaAllah is will be going to boarding school too. pray for me. I'm so not going to stay here at Wangsa Maju 2. err never! but yeah no matter where we go we are still BFF. and here the rest of us Dira Liza and Sha we'll be missing youuu too darling. When you are at a new place, blaja betul betul darling. :D Ahaha. She wants to be a paedatrician and me? ahaha. a cardiologist . :P And she has been dreaming of BMW 5 series and me BMW 7 series. haha. :P we are bfff twinnie. We got lots of dirttty secraaats together! So long may our dreams come true. I love youuu bestfriend.

p/s: and also I heard that Intervensi 1 for Form 3 is just aroundd the cornerr, so to me GG partner : Sharifah Alawiah :) gooood luck! ahahaha! :P me love youu too. :P

And today I'm going to make a confession saying I might not be as good as you read about me here. HAHA. I dont wannt to be a typo hypocrite but yeah at the same time I dont like to show the real me. I would rather people who knows me for years to know the real. but dont get me wrong I'm not evil I'm an average teenager with love and lust! HAHA. but yeah I do really hope you get to know me first before you talk about me. Frankly, I might not that goood or innocent but also I'm not as evil as you might think. :P whatever you wanna think up to youu. I got people who believe in my dreams which are wayyy supportive that I expect! :D

mwahahaa! bye. :D

Monday, January 11, 2010



This post which is entitle I'm getting older does'nt mean I'm celebrating my birthday. Well not at all. As time is passing by, I started to realize I'm getting older and yeahhh there's no turning back! So I'm gonna use all the the precious time I had wisely. And yeah also since I'm getting older, I have to act in a more a mature wayy of a teenager. :P rightt? and I want all theseee good memoriesss to be kept in my mind heart and soul forever and always. And well I'm not going to forget all those bad memories but bare them in my mind and make sure it wont happen again! :D

Sometimes, I don't get it why some people when they want to be with someone, they are so into that person, thinking of that person days and nights. 24 and 7. but once they get the chance to be with that person they dont really love or appreciate that person as much as they did in the first place. And as time goes by, they left that person. :(( Easy. I'm not referring to anyone because it could be anyone even mehh!

I'm thinking of this one. so this is my current mood :

Ada seorang lelaki yg handsome dulu die nak PS1 lepastu die dapat. Die pun excited. first2 main die ckp bestt lah. tapi dah lame lame boring. sekarang tak sentuh pun PS1 tu. Saya terfikir macam tu ke perumpamaan perasaan lelaki kat perempuan. pelik pelik. =___=

I'm cravinggg for this cup of coffee and this choc rice sprinkled daugnutt ! :D

And also this hazelnut + chocolate chips coookies.


Saturday, January 9, 2010



I am A Form 4 student. :D I'm going to 16. And yeah I'm still here studying in my beloved school SMK WM2. haha. and I am grateful I am studying in the stream I have always wanted. :D though people said being a student in a pure science stream is quite hard. I'm still here studying in science stream. I'm taking this as one of the life challenges. well Come on life is a journey, right? :)

Why do I have to study so hard in Form 4 whereas Form 4 is not an exam year?

  1. Next year I'm going to face SPM. the exam so called Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. and as you know the SPM is the future of me. If I fail in my SPM what will I do in future. If I pass my SPM with flying colours means my future is bright so this means SPM holds the future.

  2. Form 4 is the basic of Form 5 so if I cant understand the basic, how am I going to understand continue the rest. So yeah, better for to concentrate on Form 4.

  3. Since I am a Pure Science Student, I really have to study hard because the subjects are difficult. Struggle much.

That was 3 main reasons why I have to study so hard in Form 4. I hope I can face this challenging form 4. But you know sometimes things are not as easy as you think darling. :D And as teen, I have to divide my time carefully between my study time and having fun time. And never let love be the rease you fail in exam.

You are no longer my sunshine. I never though you are this meann my dear. Are you telling me for all this while it was just a lie and having fun? I get it.


Thank You