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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hey Hello. I found something which is good for me to start my day. And i think it is good because it is real good. for me and for everyone. Everyone should start telling themselves 'this' everyday. We have to practice good things and make them as a habit.


so this is it. :

Starting from today, I think I'll start telling 'this' to myself everyday when i wake up in the morning. What is 'this'? 'This' is a quote/inspiring words which is something good is going to happen today . Because something good always happen everyday in your life whether you realize it or not. You still alive is a good thing right? so starting from now on, i'll tell myself something good is going to happen today. Eventhough during the day everything seems so wrong i believe the good thing is on its way. Sometimes when i wake up in the morning i feel hopeless because what happened on the day before. i read this article we should'nt drag yesterday bad things into today good things. do you get what does that mean? And also sometimes you just hate that day, and feel lazy to start that day. especially on monday. i used to hate monday but no longer now. i love monday. but now whatever you feel in the morning when you wake up tell yourself 'something good is going to happen today'. and good things happened everyday but sometimes we did'nt realize them because we keep thinking the bad things that happen.

My dear sharifah alawiah is coming home today after a week holiday. yay! she's coming home. i miss her. haha. haha. When she's not here i'm kinda alone. no one to talk with. the most important is no one to gossip with. haha. she's my gg partner. :)

i don't know why but Malaysia is getting hotter each day and i hate it a lot. i know its global warming but why is it duper hot here? sometimes, it even reaches 40 degreee.


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