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Sunday, June 28, 2009



she woke up on a soothing sunday morning. she felt so sleepy. she wanted to continue her sleep since she did'nt get enough sleep last night but when she thinked about every single thing she has to do she left her bed. she made her way to the toilet. she was hoping for a better day for today but it was'nt happening. everything was fine as usual but she was not fine. she felt hopeless. she felt boring of her life in sudden.her mood swing. she was a happy person yesterday but not today. she was smiling yesterday but today she is making a grinch face. she felt so lazy to open her book even to turn to the first page. she told herself that she is getting worst from day to day. she has a big dream in her head but can she makes all her dreams come true. huh. and now she is in front of her mom lappy writing about her life. she keeps telling herself to be strong and now she is trying.

life isn't always a fairytale. she is not cinderella. she has a happy family. she is not that good doing the house works. well, she is not sleeping beauty too. becus eventhough she loves to sleep she realized she is not pretty at all. so who is she? others might think she has a good life. yes she has a good life but she is not living it happily. why? she keeps potraying herself as a happy little girl but is she? she is not waiting for her prince charming becus she never had once. haha. she is not interested in all these love things when her heart broke once. haha. no her heart never breaks. she is strong enough to face it. but only when it comes to the love things. haha

now she is still waiting for other people to be part of her.
but no one comes to make her life happier.
and she is crying.

this is my fairytale. what about yours?

Saturday, June 27, 2009



saturday. a day where i'm suppose to finish up all my tergendala works. haha. i woke up nearly to 7. i did'nt plan to go to school. then i sent a message to my bestie asking whether she is coming or not and yes she is coming. so i decided to got to becus i'm sure i'll get bored at home. huh. so i made a new decision which is going to school. haha. i was rushing. but at the end. i forgot to bring my shoe along. thank god, my crocs are there. the blue one. so at school. the first thing i did was going to the toilet. i dunno why i feel so concious about my tudung. and its fine. haha. i got into the class. i saw some of the faces. since u people came to school. i feel like listing down ur names:

sarah shuhainor (me)
amanina azimi
shahira ibrahim
muhd arif
khairul naim
aizam afifi
ahmad hakimi
ashraff latif
izzatul sahida
nur syahida
sophia atiqah
shasha fatihah
farah shahira
nur fadhillah
fazrul faiz
farhan hanis
muhd rafiq
syahril nina

*name yg tak ade means i did'nt think of you*

bunga cinta lestari and maya karin are bestfrends in 3 wangsa

i was super boring at school but thank god ade si cantik maya karin. bunga cinta lestari's bestfrend. in the real life, i dun think so they know each other. so at school, at first borak borak. then lepak at the corner side with acap. paan. yol. rafiq. peah. and aman. i played the chess game with rafiq. but as usual lah u win since u r the genius one but aku penah menang sekali. paan bluetooth songs from peah. ceh ceh mentang2 lah hp baru. hak3. adik khai so cute. bes pulak dtg skolah dpt tgk adk2 dorg. aku npk adk sape lg ehh? ouh ya. adk paan. adk die comel tp abg die? haha no comment. bleh lah.

report card day means parents came to school to take their child report card. kan? memang pun. me? my mom. i'm quite happy. i got the first place in class. haha. so one of the things i should do before i die has been done. f.y.i i made a list -100 things to do before i die- 5 if im not mistaken has been done. so wish me luck to comple my freak list.

everyone knows about the death of michael jackson.
i'm quite shocked. i got into the car and turn on the radio and i heard that news.
i heard a rumor that he has converted into islam.
i dunno whether its true or not.

i read people's blog. seriously. i dun like reading all those ayat2 jiwang. maybe i'm not the romantic type. haha. girls are wayy sensitive than boys so that's why they've been writng all those love crappy things. kan? but its up to them. i dun like it. haha. maybe one day when i found out that love is the greatest thing ever. haha. maybe when i found out how much he loves me. haha. ape aku mengarut nih? aku budak2 lagii.this week byk secrets aku tau. most of them are related to each other. haha. a secret about the same person. i knew it cos i can feel it. haha. let the time tell what's next and i'm following the instruction given by the time.

i'm pretty sure i'll walk with you one day.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


hello hello.

i'm happy? nope not relly but quite happy. hehe. my day start with a cup of nescafe. no no. i dun really like cafe. contains caffein. hihi. there are lots of things i wana write but i'm not goin to write all. at school, i came late. bla bla bla. then i got into class. suddenly, nyna my dearest said 'sarah, aku ade cite hot!' i was wondering what is happening? mas even said to me. 'aku tak buat2' defending himself not doing that thing. i dunno what the thing is. and i was like. wats wrong, people? nyna told me, she was the first one that got into the class since i'm late. suddenly, there was a paper. a paper that has been sticked onto the white board. on the paper, someone wrote, paan love sarah forever get married. omg! that is so not true. we've been frends lately. haha.. i dun mind at all coz i know that he never likes me unless as a frend. huh. whats wrong with the person? writing that kind of things. i mean accusing paan and me. apahal lah dgn manusia niee? but obviously, the anonymous is my classmate.

today, nyna and i had a conflict with lady gagak. huh. again. she's been so weird lately. huh. wats wrong with that girl? and pls, lady gagak, dun ever blame nyna and i for anything. ok? u started the fire and now lets play with it? come on. i know u r not that weak? are'nt u so super? ko kan cun melecun. haha. mentang2 lah hdg ko mancung, thank to god for giving u a beautiful nose. esk nyna nak serang ko. haha. be prepared. i still remember we used to be bestfrends but u changed a lot shasha. we do really hope you understand this situation. please be mature lahh. u r not a five year old kid. well, i know i'm not that gooood to but at least i'm trying to be a better person. huh. seriously la sha, aku da penat la weyh nasihat ko. u know rite sha i'm not the type of person yg always write bad things about besty in blog but i feel like writing in and i cant keep it alone. and one more thing, as u know, aku ni mmg lembik, not the kind of person yg pandai marah2 org but u still have to respect me as a frend and care about me. every single thing since u r sumone called besty. huh. i guess there's no use for me to talk more and more about this. if u still dun wanna change. its up to u, u are losing us.

well, i crap a lot. this week is going to end. many things happened. unlistable? haha. is there any unlistable word? see, aku mmg weird. suke suki create my own word. haha. currently, i made a new sign. insulting sign .'like i care' and i'm using it. haha. haliza is promoting it.

i am myself. still gonna be myself. like it or not then tell me. i'm not a perfect person. some love me while some dont becus of their own reason. well, its not a major problem to me. like i said, i'm happy with everything that i have . families, frends, classmates, my wackies. i'm trying to be grateful. i have a cozy home to live in. i can eat anything i wish to becus food don work in increasing my weight. i'm not fat. haha. normal. 43. normal kan? i'm not tall too. pretty short. but getting to 160 cm. hahaha. hopefully. i'm a single person and i'm proud of it. who says a girl cant live without a boy. i can. and i'm enjoying it. eventhough i feel lonely sometimes, but there is always tupai be there for me. haha. enough! enough! ape yang telah aku mengarutkan?

this saturday is a report card day. but my school named it as academic day. so to all people of wangsa maju 2 high school jemputlah ur parents. haha, to take ur report card. well, me. i guess my dad. so that i can go home early and watch hindustan. hahaha. my results? i'm happy with it. eventhough i did'nt get 9 a's but i've tried my best and i realize to achieve a better results means i have to work extra hard. i got 8 a's and a b. talking about the b grade that has spoiled my results. its math. how come i got b for math? haha. i love math. wee wee. i'm not good at math. and i can feel that i'm getting b for math after i sat for that exam. maybe i've been too playful in pn mastura's class. from now on, i promise to myself to pay attention in class. haha. hopefully yeah.

i got home so late today. about 7 sumthing. i got the class tambahan and bla bla bla. bunch of things to do at school just now. so i deciced to go home with my neighbour. shefa loya. we were waiting quite long at the bus stop. waiting for her mom. then picked up zahra from tuition at melawati. seriously, i love the view at melawati. so classy. the view at taman t.a.r too, haha. and so as taman dagang. ceh ceh sape punye rumah tuhh. loya, tu rumah azim lahhh. sory ckp pasal die eh loya. i became different when it comes to him. haha

enough till here.

bedtime. wat else? read me a story book!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello hello hello

hey monday! here i come. u kno what just another minute monday. i wish it was sunday. that's song lyrics. dun ask me what song it is. coz u'll never know. its an old song. around 80's. like i said i'm odd. into all these kind of lame songs. anyway, do u know what day is today? sunday of course. a special day? yea it is. a father's day. so long happy father's day to all the daddys in the whole world especially to my dad. hihi. we gave him a card. oke wat than not giving anything.

i said: a daddy it's not a father to a child but a loving father to a child.

tomorrow school. doin the same thing over and over again. i'm tired of goin to school. no! i should'nt said that. school is where i belong to. haha. sekolahku syurgaku. kasut? done. baju? done. everything done accept for hwork. there are some hmwrks i did'nt finish to. after this i think. tomorrow. see the same people again. see all the wackies. haha. see all the weirdos. haha. so as me. i'm in that group too. oh ya! i've been dying to write this in my blog. about the swine flu. there's a form 4 boy who is currently suffering the swine flu. omg! all his classmates have been quarinteeen.haha.( dunno how to spell quarintene). knp skola tak bg cuti for a week hah? why not? to prevent it from menular. haha. but that class. dapat cuti for a week. congrats! what else shd i say?

i just changed my blog song. the way that i love you. i did'nt really like ashanti's voice. it's not that good. haha. but its okay lahh. mine is worst. haha. so that's why i picked that instrumental one. the piano music was super super great. i wish i can play as good as that. haha. dream on. that song isn't meaningful to me at all. but the music bring me somewhere. i dunno where it is. i miss you. u know how much i care? of course not? why shd you? what kind of words im writing? haha. practicing sahaja. haha. holy crap!

haha. what else i feel writing about? oh ya. kkq exam again. i keep telling myself to open up and take a look to my kkq book but i dont. kkq exam is just like 2 days more. and i'm still playing around. haha. yesterday, my family and i including my bibik went out to celebrate my youngest baby brother, azim's birthday. happy third birthday azim! i'm as your sista will always love you. not all day long but forever. hihi. air dicincang takkan putus. hihi. i'm goood at bahasa melayu idioms? haha. hopefully yea. and i got the highest in class for bahasa melayu for the first time ever. congrats to me. i did'nt me to show off or whatsoever. it's like a happy feeling. dream comes true. hihi

ape lagi aku nak mengarut? tah lah.

my computer has recovered. do not get sick again

p/s: sharifah alawiyah tolong jangan salah sangka lagi. terima kasih. haha

i have just finished all my kerja kursus!


one day....

Saturday, June 20, 2009



it's been a week i did't update my blog. i'm sooo bz. doing all the kerja kursus. thank god i've just finished all my kerja kursus. i just read nyna's blog. she wrote about me. i mean showing her appreciation towards me for helping her doing all the keja kursus. that's what frends are rite? helping each other. for me, she's so special. she is someone called a real frend. she helped me a lot. hehe. shakila daa maju. she had a myspace account finally. with my help. she uploaded few photos. ade satu photo nie. kyla with paan. asl paan npk hensem semacam? haha. ape ape pun, congrats kyla. haha. dira, liza, nyna, we know the truth. its enough just to pretend how much you care about your dearest enemy. haha. enemy kite. diraaa, i regret a lot for doing her that thing. tapi ape kan daya, nasi dudaa jadi bubur. haha. who cares? ape pun, minah tuh pasti pasti akan seek for u and me. haha . fullstop. no more talking about that girl.

i think there is somthing wrong with me. i never gonna admit it but at the deepest part in my heart i knoe its a real thing. i dunno till when i'm gonna pretending like i dont. i relalized how much that thing meant to me. i'm not the lovee dovee type. haha. ya i'm not. haha. when i was in the car jus now, i heard a song. but there are few worls that reallly touched me. when you wake up you're in love. i dunno whether its true or not. but i'm not in love. haha. so nootttt.haha. change topic. this is a personal thing i should have never write this kind of thing. suke ati aku lahh.

omg! nxt tuesday! its kkq big examm. i'm so worrried but i still in front of this comp. haha. u kow what is kkq? its a study about al quran, nabi an all that. tonight i wiilll read that book. i hope so. i'm doing it coz i have to. i'm quite happy lately with everything that happened around me. everything. life is goood enough. results diagnostic. i'm quite happy with it. i feel payed. hehe. lastly, semua penah lelah seperti sudaa membuahkan hasil. and i'm smiling for it. hehe.

i got addicted to ashanti's song.
what a good song she has made.


Saturday, June 13, 2009



seems like its goin to rain. rain rain go away, sarah loya wanna play. we have plan to go swimming again but its raining. wtv lah. like i can stop the rain? hujan tuh kan rahmat. ape daa. i cant wait to go to school. i've said that so many times before? haha. i know. ni adk aku yg busukk tgh mkn magii. no its not magii mee goreng indon. da la mkn tak ajak aku sengal btul lah. haha. yesterday. another topic. i feel so relieved. thank god. i take this one problem personally. no one knows but finally i did told sumone that causes that problem. rase relieve gle after i threw every single words i've been thinking for a quite long time. he should know that. who knows he can be a better one after this. hopefully lah. he's a frend of mine so why not i hope for his own gooodness, kan? hihi. i dunno since when we've been frends. we're not close. stop. no more talking about that. hujan seems like makin lebat jea. is there anyone out there hoping the rain to stop? i do love rain. especially raining time2 mcm nih. but today, i've got plan. huh. jus go with the flow again. if the rain stop then i'll go. if not stiff home watching misery movie after this. talking bout misery movie, have u ever watch it? omg. that story? two thumbs up! u should watch. i mean everyone should. it is about this one woman who is so obses with this one author. this author is so popular yet he is a low profile. he doen'nt has any bodyguard. so one day after he has completed his new book entitled misery, he decided to go to ny to publish it. on his way to ny, he had an accident. this woman any wilkes saw him and. watch it lah? u never know how amazing the story is. later at starmovie. another topic. hujan nak stop daa. hihi. hopefully i can go for swimming. haha. actuly, i jus got home from tuition. hmm. nak pmr kan? kene lah tuition. talking about pmr? i got so scared. i dunno wats wrong with me? scare to face an exam. exam never bite. haha. of course. exam dun have teeth. i'm prepared! 100% percent. not to face pmr but to face the incoming results. bukak skola. forsure terus dapat result. ready to face the music. as long as i've tried my best to achieve the goals i've set, aku redha je. i've tried my best.

sarah's worried face. haha. i know the baby is cuter.

i'm away to new zealand. in my night sleep lah.

u know how much i love you

Friday, June 12, 2009



this is emma roberts.
she is superrrhotttt!
i'm not like so a big fan of her. but i'm still a fan of her.
i love the way she carries herself. that's all

i'm happy again. haha. being wacko again as usual. yesterday incident? forget it. like i can. ya of course i can. a small thing. i'm like making a mountain in a mole hill. haha. but i'm still hoping for his change. still hoping and always waiting. mengarut je aku nih. haha. let me tell you how was my day. not interested to read? like i care. this is my blog. aku punye suke lahh nak tulis ape. hahaha. kidding. not interested? tell me. i'll change the way i'm writing. i woke up and saw my baby in my arm. awww. baby adik lahh. suddenly, my beloved handphone vibrated. aloya send me a call-me-back. luckily, credit aku tgh masyuk boleh la aku membazir sket call ko. haha. rupe-rupenye die nak ajak aku swim. okeh la. i agreed. nak tunggu pukul 5 ptg tuh. i watched tv. nancy drew. who is nancy drew. emma robert. who is emma robert? my fav hollywood actress so far. that movie? oke la. not bad. pukul 5 pulak mcm nak hujan. don tell me its goin to rain. i said that few times. and thanked god it was'nt raining. no no. kat ukay perdana was raining plus lightning but kat uia takk. ktorg pegi la swim. i changed to my swimming suit of course. takkan nak pakai shirt? loya cakap aku kedinggg.hahahahaha. am i loya? haha. she also said muke aku mcm gong chan. hahaha. x la weyh. si gong chan tuh hensem la ngek. ktorg pun swim. i'm quite tired. loyah tak penat langsunggg. ye la she is the silater. aku nih bukan pa pe. that's why tak de stamina. it's been quite a long time tak jumpe tupai. oh tupai! not falling into him. hahaha

to the girl that swim with me:

i'm in red u are in the blue

haha kidding

2 more days:

back to school!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


im not in the mood becus of that incident. loya sahaja yg tau. i rarely got sad.i take all the probs easily but this one, i've tried too but it does'nt work that much. i dun need ways to solve this prob becus its not even a prob. its the heart thing. i cant be this weak. so what should i do? faking a smile. maybe. i'm goood at that. i've been told many times i'm a drama queen. haha. am i? should i take that as a compliment or a humilation. both i guess. who knows one day i'll be an actress. being an actress is fun what. with all the gems aroud my neck. haha. see i start to berangan. haha. its not a big deal. perhaps. with squirell help i'll be fine. i knew it i'll be fine. dun say dont.

i write in a purple becus it shows the sadness in me.


better i go and get a vanilla ice cream.
p/s: where is squirell?
the wild lah!

my day start with a big big smile. the sun was smiling to me too. the cloud waving and say hi too. i hope for a happy day and it is a happy day until that incident. i wont write. wanna know? ask me but i wont tell. never.loya should'nt know too but she's the one that has unveil the truth. well, i should thanked her.i changed my blog song. cant smile without you. that song isn't that meaningful for me. i hope so. but i like the music.ya like i said i'm a lame. deal with it. but at home, what a perfect day. everyone is just as fine as i wish tooo. awww, so why should i be sad? family first, next frends. my frends are fine too. wahai bintang dudu, rindu oh kat ko. haha. miss world pun. lame tak menggedik dgn die. we used to sing together. lagi2 lagu womaniser. haha. did i spell womaniser correctly. nant marah pulak nyna spears. haliza ni pun same, tak sayang aku. sory lmbt reply babe. malam ni kte msg2 ckp pasal shah rukh khan aku. haha. im fine now. gettin better. esk friday, left 3 days more. then, holiday is over bak to skool but oke wat? seeing all those wacko people. wacko wacko people, u kno i love u? ahahaha. no no no. its been quite a long time aku tak nampak si jawa to techtonik. haha. titanic. si G-E-L-A-B-A-H. haha.others? acap with his stupid jokes. peah, the way she got mad. i miss every single thing about 3 wangsa. awww. that's sweet. haha.


being a girl like me isn't always easy.cant u see how freak i am? haha. i create my own world. i made my own my fairytales. life is not that fair, nowadays, but i make it fair. i dun mind being an anonymous in the school.who cares? as long as i got them, life is good enough. if i keep thinking about all those unfair things, never end. so its better for me just to be me. i never gonna change the real me for everyone. if it is a bad thing then i'll change. but when it comes to what i like, anything about me. sorry not. i'm still gonna be a girl who loves those lammeee songs. who cares? i'm not a brave person who can fight easily, maybe becus of that, i've always been dumbed. i know im not perfect. so not. so please please accept me as who i that so hard? no rite. well, i can say i judge the book by its cover sometimes. but i'm trying not to anymore. another thing about me is, i dun talk about the other side of my life so dun think i dun have any probs. who knows, behind all these smiles?when i pretend to fool my dearest, i wonder if they know its just a show? i'm on a stage, day night i go through my charades, how can i disguise whats is my mind? life is hard enough so be prepared to face it. currently, im trying to be a better person with my loved ones help. as i grow up, i learn many things, about family's love, real frends, love at the first sight. so enjoy ur life, feel happy and proud to be urself are the keys to a happy perfect life my dear.

good morning. i dunno wats wrong with me becus in sudden i'm like so eager updating my blog. but dunno what to write. maybe i should write this: pmr is 115 days more. according to my countdown. and it's true. pmr is gettin nearer and me? i should work way harder. come on its just a three letter exam. PMR. haha. some says that. but for me pmr menentukan masa depan. becus i wish to go to boarding school where i can concentrate more on my priority. its not like i dunno how to manage my time but there are tv, internet, mall, handphone, what else? i'm not a person with a strong heart that can avoid all these things. now, i talk crappy crappy things. should i? haha. not again.

today is 11/6. and my last post before pmr is gonna be on first of july. since that day, i've promised to myself not to surf the internet anymore even touch the computer. so my last post will br as long as my hair. haha. no no. i'll write down everything i was thinking. then the same day after pmr i'll post a longer post than my last post. talking about crap again. no problem with that rite?

harry potter is just around the corner. everyone knows that. dont tell me you dont know. most of the people, i've met is so into the hero. who else? mr potter lah. but me. i prefer ronald weasley. ala si rupert grint tuh. he's cute. he has cute personality and everything about him is cute. i'm still thinking whether i should go and watch that movie. first, it might wasting my time. maybe. baik pegi beli cetak rompak je. secondly, i have watched all the hp series in cinema so i should go. next. it is on july. july darling but come on its just a day. huh. i need more time to think.

the most.

the most greatest person-family
the person sacrifice the most for me-mom of course
the person worked hard the most for me- whp else? dad.
the person inspired me the most- i, myself and me. get that? haha
the most perfect bestie-amanina azimi.
the most loyal frend-shasha efendi.
the most helpful-nadhirah hani salman
the most understanding frend-haliza suhaimi.
the most beautiful person ever-deborah priya henry.
the most wonderful place-new zealand.
the song inspired me the most-what about now by daughtry
the person i miss the most-them, awww.
the person i hate the most-no one
the most greatest thing on the earth-food lahhh.
the most nicest guy-azim

*uncomplete most list*


-now i understand what u try to say me, how u sufferes from ur sanity how u try to set them free. they would not listen and they're not listening....-

lyrics lahhh.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


ahlan wasahlan to all especially sharifah alawiyah
(ahlan wasahlan means welcome)

to others:

good evening.

it's 8 sumthing. evening rite?

continue with what i'm goin to write. firstly. thanks sahabat sahabat 3 w. epit. acap. hadi. dira. nyna. peah. liza. kimi. kerana memberi pengalaman. hahaha. korang pun tau wat is it , rite? untung aku pegi clas arab. experienced new thangg. aizam. the nasi lemak besss! hihi. next time buat lg tau. hehe. i want two. hihi. ye la . aku nih kan food hunter. i got this one major major major problem. i wannnnna be thin but at the same time i do eat a lot. u kno what i meant rite? thank god, lately nih ade human being called loyah slalu ajak aku main badminton. thx Thx. nant kalau aku kurus aku bg ko surat penghargaan.

haha.tomorrow friday. friday friday on the way. this week holiday is coming to an end. no no no! yes yes yes! i'm quite bored stiff home duin nothing . myspacing. blogging. messaging. watching tv. frankly, the first week holiday aku tak memanfaatkan denga baek. hihi. f.y.i i love the frankly word i use most of the time. find new word, which is the same meaning as frankly. i'll use it but make sure it will sound as gooood as frankly. kah kah kah. so so wat am i goin to do tomorrow morning. start with this. bsh kst skola aku yg da hitam tuh then mandi breakfast ... ya. watch camp rock! camp rock! again? ya ya of course. i love that movie. and sing along. this is the real. this is me. i'm exactly where i'm suppose to be... noe. okay2 enough sarah! nant hujan. its good wat of it is raining. baru bea tdo at nite. kan kan?

third paragraph... ceh ceh mcm buat essay. me doing essay? wat a good thing. give me a clap. hahahaha. i wanna tell about this beautiful girl. demi lovato. i'm addicted to her. haha. nope she just seem so perrrrfect in my eyes? dun u think so? she got cute nose. pretty teeth. sweet face. hot body. nice smile. everything just seem so perfect. wish i could be her. i'm saying that? omg. that's worst. cancel. i'm happy to be me. a little smiling girl who is eating vanilla ice cream. with a cherry on the top. whatever it is demi lovato. memang hot. but not as hot as deborah priya lah. i read thestar paper jus now. have u read about the miss malaysia 2009. i'm interested in reading about all this miss world thing. the girl her name is forgot lah. but she is mix with chinese and indian. her face? i can say she's pretty one. the interesting part i read about her was. she came from a simple and poor family. her family live in sabah in a small village. her parents are more likely a farmer. u knoe wat? she's a really low profile person which makes me respect her. she even admit she did'ni speak english that well so she is currently learning at this english centre. she is so happy when she got a scholarship becus she was like really really want to continue her study but since her family can't afford that's why she has been waiting for a scholarship. for me, all this beauty paegent thing is not about all the look but the way u carry your self. so far. i do respect this new miss malaysia and deborah priya. look is useless without maneerss. i dun have look and i'm not a good person.and all i'm trying to do is to be a better one.

this is a perfect teenager.



we love you. semoga panjang umur and get 9as in pmr.

from: dr. sarah mraz. miss world nyna. cik dira dudu. haliza bulu

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


hello and hello!

i dun really know why am i updating my blog. oh ya. i did this private blog which i'm the only one that can read that blog. sounds stupid but cool lah. i can talk about anything that i want. more like a diary. an online diary. waa waa waa. its not like im not telling the truth at this black blog but i dun write things which im not suppose to . e.g love life. mr crush. enemies. hatred and angres. all i'm writing at this black blog are the great things in life. one more thing. it's not like i'm potraying a perfect little girl but i dun dun dun like people to know the other side of my life lah. sort of like that. but who cares?

cuti cuti aku yang sangat memboringkan. amar is home. he's a frend anyway. i never wrote even a single tiny thing about him. i dun know if he is a frend of mine or not. sumtimes he complimented me, sumtimes he advices me but at the same time he talk bad( i guess). he's weird.a real weird one. but he's okay. i think he has a crush on my pretttttttty frend nyna. he wanted to ask nyna out but nyna said she wont go without me so amar was like. sarah please go. hahaha. but good thing about amar nih. eventhough we're like hating each other he did text me or even call me sumtimes. okeh. caya lah amar. enemy sejati

.this one is about my korean look frend. sape tuh name die. haziq. he look like this korea actor. name die name die. sape ah? oh kwon sang woo. i sent him the youtube link to ask him to watch that korean song video. he did. haha. he said mata tak same. his eyes are bigger though still loooook alike. that. nyna si cantik and i were the first one that realiz that haziq look like kwon sang woo. haha. bannge la enn ko haziq. haha. si haziq nih pun satu kalau nak ajak aku kuar bukan nak bagtau earlier so next time bgtau earlier so aku bleh plan.: )

my bababybyby brother is home. he is currently staying in this new hostel. this sbp. good stay there. dun be a bad one like me later . ko pun tau tau kan ape nasib ko. adikku? he learns the france language there. bagus2 learns as many language as u can. aku bleh3 languages je but kau bleh 4. waaa bagus. im not proud of u anyway. hahahah. jangan prasan ehh. later if u read this marah plak enn. so i'm proud of you. since my bro is home so ape lagi. talk talk talk n talk la. f.y.i we're close. really close i guess. currently he is teaching me how to solve the cube yg pusing2 tuh. tau la ko pandai enn. but onr thing passal die nih. die nih memboros sangat tak tau nak berjimat cermat. hari2 nak berbelanja. huh. lantak ko la.

tomorrow i got arab class. at 8! awal kan? memang awal gle. tomorow i feel like having breakfast with them. kat mane ah? kat warung tu je la. kat mane ag. rainbow la. but kat situ byk catttts. aku takut kucing. nvrmind i know how to handle this. relax. take it easy. tomorrow plan aku mcm2. i want to finish all my kerjas kursus works. hihi. thank god ade human being like shera who non stop tolong aku. supposely aku letak name ko kat penghargaan. tak pe la. kat blog pun oke wat. credits to shera ibrahim

thank you shahira shahira yang baek dan cantek.

addition: i'm not that addicted to ms anymore.

Thank You