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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i'm happy again. well of course. i spent some QUALITY times with my dear gemok DIRA. well to be exact Nik Nadhirah Farhana. mannn, i misss her. the last time we met was few days before i went to the ACLP thing. and she changed in size, she's gettin fatter, eheh. no she's not. well no matter how fat she is she's still beautiful because she is originallly prettty. even without make ups. :P and we met at my ustazah's place. makan2 over there. i did'nt expect she's going to be there. :) well of course talk a lot about everything. and all the latest gossip. i miss u bestfrend. :)

my ustazah is really gooooood at coooking. and there was this one dish. otak lembu. can u believe it? otak lembu masak ape tah. but the kuah was yellow. haha. and i was like why not give a try for that otak lembu. haha. it is very small. and lembik semcam. first like. shd i try or not. haha. people dun cook this otak lembu right? so so so so finally i tried that otak lembu. eating that otak lembu reminds me of a tv programme. do u know fooood bazar? haha. i love to watch that. the programmme is about eating freakkky fooods. :D hahaha. 5 stars! go eat otak lembu. haha.

-I read a fact in a magazine. the size of a cow's brain is the same as his eye ball.. freakingg small.

i missss my girlfrendsssssssss.


toooooodles. :D

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