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Monday, December 7, 2009


it was awesome meeting back with two my goooooooooood friends. mea and zeika. after a year mannn. :) mea, the cbn-er got bunch of stories to tell me. well when we talk its like unstoppable and so as zeika. we do stupid stuffffs. :) which is awesome but can be considered as naughty. no not naughtyyyy. hahaha. :) so yeah i'm not that bored anymore. but the most is i dont have to be all day long with the girl who crushes my brother since last year. i dont mind if she wants to like crush love or whatever but just dont over doing it. annoyed me a lot girl. and she was like so into my brother. huh. sarah boleh tak print kan gambar adik awak? like huh? go and do it by yourself and keep it secretly. u should'nt let me know. and she said. kita dah ada tiga gambar adik awak, kita nak awak print yang default ehh? huh. ewww. and urggghh. there was one day where my brother has to sit at the front and god she was freaking excited. one thing i dont get it, why is she crushing my brother? let me describe my brother in a word UGLY. he's not hot at all where he got pimples and acnes all over his face. and his voice is like a singing crow. or maybe raven. and ewww.

the was-pmr-candicates spreaded rumors telling pmr result will be announce on the 20th of nov. hey no! its on 28th! but seriously i feeeeeeel sick thinking the incoming result. though i've tried my best but yeah of course i'm scared fr not getting all A's. :/ some people said pmr result is like nothing. but spm is the future. but pmr result can be said as a ticket for the lower secondary people to go to boarding school. kinda a better place to study. i'm not telling u my current school is not good. its just i want to go to a new place and live in a new environment and experiencing a better wayyy of study. when we go to boarding schoool, we'll meeet people who are better than us, forsure, and of course we'll try to be better than that. like my teacher used to say, persaingan sihat. something like that. because for me, form 4 is not known as a honeymooon year where u dun really want to concentrate on ur studies. form 4 is the basic. if i cant get used to all the form 4 thing how am i going to face my form 5. and form 5 there come spm. the future. so during form 4 gotta do my best so that i can get what i want. but i scared for not gettting it. huh.

doakan lah for pmr saya. :D

and and sadly loya is going tomorrrrrow. good bye and take care. :) come back safely. :) and bg aku hadiah plg penting! hahahahaha. kidding. :D may u have fun over therrrre. :P

awak ni kann, saya gerammm betul. saya off awak onn saya onn awak off. haisyhh =___=

the wannabes

wannabe is a person who is trying to be somebody else because they think theirselves are not good and they fake everything about them so that people think they cool.

-when they discovered new current cool words like 'brb' or 'pfthhh' or anything, they keep using it over and over again so that people know the are quite coool because the know that kind of word.

-when they knew about hot artists or like the latest one they act like 'i love him' actully,they like that artist because everyone likes him. whereas they dont reallly know. i can seeee the wannabes of justin bieber's fan. i hate justin bieber! i dont get why people are into him.

-some wannabe in malaysia they dont know how to speak english but they act like they are so good in english. frankly, they speak broken english. fr example 'u makes me hate u'.


bye. :)

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