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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


hello and hello!

i dun really know why am i updating my blog. oh ya. i did this private blog which i'm the only one that can read that blog. sounds stupid but cool lah. i can talk about anything that i want. more like a diary. an online diary. waa waa waa. its not like im not telling the truth at this black blog but i dun write things which im not suppose to . e.g love life. mr crush. enemies. hatred and angres. all i'm writing at this black blog are the great things in life. one more thing. it's not like i'm potraying a perfect little girl but i dun dun dun like people to know the other side of my life lah. sort of like that. but who cares?

cuti cuti aku yang sangat memboringkan. amar is home. he's a frend anyway. i never wrote even a single tiny thing about him. i dun know if he is a frend of mine or not. sumtimes he complimented me, sumtimes he advices me but at the same time he talk bad( i guess). he's weird.a real weird one. but he's okay. i think he has a crush on my pretttttttty frend nyna. he wanted to ask nyna out but nyna said she wont go without me so amar was like. sarah please go. hahaha. but good thing about amar nih. eventhough we're like hating each other he did text me or even call me sumtimes. okeh. caya lah amar. enemy sejati

.this one is about my korean look frend. sape tuh name die. haziq. he look like this korea actor. name die name die. sape ah? oh kwon sang woo. i sent him the youtube link to ask him to watch that korean song video. he did. haha. he said mata tak same. his eyes are bigger though still loooook alike. that. nyna si cantik and i were the first one that realiz that haziq look like kwon sang woo. haha. bannge la enn ko haziq. haha. si haziq nih pun satu kalau nak ajak aku kuar bukan nak bagtau earlier so next time bgtau earlier so aku bleh plan.: )

my bababybyby brother is home. he is currently staying in this new hostel. this sbp. good stay there. dun be a bad one like me later . ko pun tau tau kan ape nasib ko. adikku? he learns the france language there. bagus2 learns as many language as u can. aku bleh3 languages je but kau bleh 4. waaa bagus. im not proud of u anyway. hahahah. jangan prasan ehh. later if u read this marah plak enn. so i'm proud of you. since my bro is home so ape lagi. talk talk talk n talk la. f.y.i we're close. really close i guess. currently he is teaching me how to solve the cube yg pusing2 tuh. tau la ko pandai enn. but onr thing passal die nih. die nih memboros sangat tak tau nak berjimat cermat. hari2 nak berbelanja. huh. lantak ko la.

tomorrow i got arab class. at 8! awal kan? memang awal gle. tomorow i feel like having breakfast with them. kat mane ah? kat warung tu je la. kat mane ag. rainbow la. but kat situ byk catttts. aku takut kucing. nvrmind i know how to handle this. relax. take it easy. tomorrow plan aku mcm2. i want to finish all my kerjas kursus works. hihi. thank god ade human being like shera who non stop tolong aku. supposely aku letak name ko kat penghargaan. tak pe la. kat blog pun oke wat. credits to shera ibrahim

thank you shahira shahira yang baek dan cantek.

addition: i'm not that addicted to ms anymore.

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