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Sunday, June 28, 2009



she woke up on a soothing sunday morning. she felt so sleepy. she wanted to continue her sleep since she did'nt get enough sleep last night but when she thinked about every single thing she has to do she left her bed. she made her way to the toilet. she was hoping for a better day for today but it was'nt happening. everything was fine as usual but she was not fine. she felt hopeless. she felt boring of her life in sudden.her mood swing. she was a happy person yesterday but not today. she was smiling yesterday but today she is making a grinch face. she felt so lazy to open her book even to turn to the first page. she told herself that she is getting worst from day to day. she has a big dream in her head but can she makes all her dreams come true. huh. and now she is in front of her mom lappy writing about her life. she keeps telling herself to be strong and now she is trying.

life isn't always a fairytale. she is not cinderella. she has a happy family. she is not that good doing the house works. well, she is not sleeping beauty too. becus eventhough she loves to sleep she realized she is not pretty at all. so who is she? others might think she has a good life. yes she has a good life but she is not living it happily. why? she keeps potraying herself as a happy little girl but is she? she is not waiting for her prince charming becus she never had once. haha. she is not interested in all these love things when her heart broke once. haha. no her heart never breaks. she is strong enough to face it. but only when it comes to the love things. haha

now she is still waiting for other people to be part of her.
but no one comes to make her life happier.
and she is crying.

this is my fairytale. what about yours?

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Sharifah Alawiah said...

sweeeeet gila ini post
LOL =')

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