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Saturday, June 27, 2009



saturday. a day where i'm suppose to finish up all my tergendala works. haha. i woke up nearly to 7. i did'nt plan to go to school. then i sent a message to my bestie asking whether she is coming or not and yes she is coming. so i decided to got to becus i'm sure i'll get bored at home. huh. so i made a new decision which is going to school. haha. i was rushing. but at the end. i forgot to bring my shoe along. thank god, my crocs are there. the blue one. so at school. the first thing i did was going to the toilet. i dunno why i feel so concious about my tudung. and its fine. haha. i got into the class. i saw some of the faces. since u people came to school. i feel like listing down ur names:

sarah shuhainor (me)
amanina azimi
shahira ibrahim
muhd arif
khairul naim
aizam afifi
ahmad hakimi
ashraff latif
izzatul sahida
nur syahida
sophia atiqah
shasha fatihah
farah shahira
nur fadhillah
fazrul faiz
farhan hanis
muhd rafiq
syahril nina

*name yg tak ade means i did'nt think of you*

bunga cinta lestari and maya karin are bestfrends in 3 wangsa

i was super boring at school but thank god ade si cantik maya karin. bunga cinta lestari's bestfrend. in the real life, i dun think so they know each other. so at school, at first borak borak. then lepak at the corner side with acap. paan. yol. rafiq. peah. and aman. i played the chess game with rafiq. but as usual lah u win since u r the genius one but aku penah menang sekali. paan bluetooth songs from peah. ceh ceh mentang2 lah hp baru. hak3. adik khai so cute. bes pulak dtg skolah dpt tgk adk2 dorg. aku npk adk sape lg ehh? ouh ya. adk paan. adk die comel tp abg die? haha no comment. bleh lah.

report card day means parents came to school to take their child report card. kan? memang pun. me? my mom. i'm quite happy. i got the first place in class. haha. so one of the things i should do before i die has been done. f.y.i i made a list -100 things to do before i die- 5 if im not mistaken has been done. so wish me luck to comple my freak list.

everyone knows about the death of michael jackson.
i'm quite shocked. i got into the car and turn on the radio and i heard that news.
i heard a rumor that he has converted into islam.
i dunno whether its true or not.

i read people's blog. seriously. i dun like reading all those ayat2 jiwang. maybe i'm not the romantic type. haha. girls are wayy sensitive than boys so that's why they've been writng all those love crappy things. kan? but its up to them. i dun like it. haha. maybe one day when i found out that love is the greatest thing ever. haha. maybe when i found out how much he loves me. haha. ape aku mengarut nih? aku budak2 lagii.this week byk secrets aku tau. most of them are related to each other. haha. a secret about the same person. i knew it cos i can feel it. haha. let the time tell what's next and i'm following the instruction given by the time.

i'm pretty sure i'll walk with you one day.


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