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Saturday, June 13, 2009



seems like its goin to rain. rain rain go away, sarah loya wanna play. we have plan to go swimming again but its raining. wtv lah. like i can stop the rain? hujan tuh kan rahmat. ape daa. i cant wait to go to school. i've said that so many times before? haha. i know. ni adk aku yg busukk tgh mkn magii. no its not magii mee goreng indon. da la mkn tak ajak aku sengal btul lah. haha. yesterday. another topic. i feel so relieved. thank god. i take this one problem personally. no one knows but finally i did told sumone that causes that problem. rase relieve gle after i threw every single words i've been thinking for a quite long time. he should know that. who knows he can be a better one after this. hopefully lah. he's a frend of mine so why not i hope for his own gooodness, kan? hihi. i dunno since when we've been frends. we're not close. stop. no more talking about that. hujan seems like makin lebat jea. is there anyone out there hoping the rain to stop? i do love rain. especially raining time2 mcm nih. but today, i've got plan. huh. jus go with the flow again. if the rain stop then i'll go. if not stiff home watching misery movie after this. talking bout misery movie, have u ever watch it? omg. that story? two thumbs up! u should watch. i mean everyone should. it is about this one woman who is so obses with this one author. this author is so popular yet he is a low profile. he doen'nt has any bodyguard. so one day after he has completed his new book entitled misery, he decided to go to ny to publish it. on his way to ny, he had an accident. this woman any wilkes saw him and. watch it lah? u never know how amazing the story is. later at starmovie. another topic. hujan nak stop daa. hihi. hopefully i can go for swimming. haha. actuly, i jus got home from tuition. hmm. nak pmr kan? kene lah tuition. talking about pmr? i got so scared. i dunno wats wrong with me? scare to face an exam. exam never bite. haha. of course. exam dun have teeth. i'm prepared! 100% percent. not to face pmr but to face the incoming results. bukak skola. forsure terus dapat result. ready to face the music. as long as i've tried my best to achieve the goals i've set, aku redha je. i've tried my best.

sarah's worried face. haha. i know the baby is cuter.

i'm away to new zealand. in my night sleep lah.

u know how much i love you

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