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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello hello hello

hey monday! here i come. u kno what just another minute monday. i wish it was sunday. that's song lyrics. dun ask me what song it is. coz u'll never know. its an old song. around 80's. like i said i'm odd. into all these kind of lame songs. anyway, do u know what day is today? sunday of course. a special day? yea it is. a father's day. so long happy father's day to all the daddys in the whole world especially to my dad. hihi. we gave him a card. oke wat than not giving anything.

i said: a daddy it's not a father to a child but a loving father to a child.

tomorrow school. doin the same thing over and over again. i'm tired of goin to school. no! i should'nt said that. school is where i belong to. haha. sekolahku syurgaku. kasut? done. baju? done. everything done accept for hwork. there are some hmwrks i did'nt finish to. after this i think. tomorrow. see the same people again. see all the wackies. haha. see all the weirdos. haha. so as me. i'm in that group too. oh ya! i've been dying to write this in my blog. about the swine flu. there's a form 4 boy who is currently suffering the swine flu. omg! all his classmates have been quarinteeen.haha.( dunno how to spell quarintene). knp skola tak bg cuti for a week hah? why not? to prevent it from menular. haha. but that class. dapat cuti for a week. congrats! what else shd i say?

i just changed my blog song. the way that i love you. i did'nt really like ashanti's voice. it's not that good. haha. but its okay lahh. mine is worst. haha. so that's why i picked that instrumental one. the piano music was super super great. i wish i can play as good as that. haha. dream on. that song isn't meaningful to me at all. but the music bring me somewhere. i dunno where it is. i miss you. u know how much i care? of course not? why shd you? what kind of words im writing? haha. practicing sahaja. haha. holy crap!

haha. what else i feel writing about? oh ya. kkq exam again. i keep telling myself to open up and take a look to my kkq book but i dont. kkq exam is just like 2 days more. and i'm still playing around. haha. yesterday, my family and i including my bibik went out to celebrate my youngest baby brother, azim's birthday. happy third birthday azim! i'm as your sista will always love you. not all day long but forever. hihi. air dicincang takkan putus. hihi. i'm goood at bahasa melayu idioms? haha. hopefully yea. and i got the highest in class for bahasa melayu for the first time ever. congrats to me. i did'nt me to show off or whatsoever. it's like a happy feeling. dream comes true. hihi

ape lagi aku nak mengarut? tah lah.

my computer has recovered. do not get sick again

p/s: sharifah alawiyah tolong jangan salah sangka lagi. terima kasih. haha

i have just finished all my kerja kursus!


one day....

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heartbreaker said...

that song reminds me of you again.
sorry for everything
eventhough i know the answer is the same: its too late. dont seek for forgiveness anymore.u mean nothing!

is that what u goin to say again. sory! =)

Thank You