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Thursday, June 11, 2009


being a girl like me isn't always easy.cant u see how freak i am? haha. i create my own world. i made my own my fairytales. life is not that fair, nowadays, but i make it fair. i dun mind being an anonymous in the school.who cares? as long as i got them, life is good enough. if i keep thinking about all those unfair things, never end. so its better for me just to be me. i never gonna change the real me for everyone. if it is a bad thing then i'll change. but when it comes to what i like, anything about me. sorry not. i'm still gonna be a girl who loves those lammeee songs. who cares? i'm not a brave person who can fight easily, maybe becus of that, i've always been dumbed. i know im not perfect. so not. so please please accept me as who i that so hard? no rite. well, i can say i judge the book by its cover sometimes. but i'm trying not to anymore. another thing about me is, i dun talk about the other side of my life so dun think i dun have any probs. who knows, behind all these smiles?when i pretend to fool my dearest, i wonder if they know its just a show? i'm on a stage, day night i go through my charades, how can i disguise whats is my mind? life is hard enough so be prepared to face it. currently, im trying to be a better person with my loved ones help. as i grow up, i learn many things, about family's love, real frends, love at the first sight. so enjoy ur life, feel happy and proud to be urself are the keys to a happy perfect life my dear.

good morning. i dunno wats wrong with me becus in sudden i'm like so eager updating my blog. but dunno what to write. maybe i should write this: pmr is 115 days more. according to my countdown. and it's true. pmr is gettin nearer and me? i should work way harder. come on its just a three letter exam. PMR. haha. some says that. but for me pmr menentukan masa depan. becus i wish to go to boarding school where i can concentrate more on my priority. its not like i dunno how to manage my time but there are tv, internet, mall, handphone, what else? i'm not a person with a strong heart that can avoid all these things. now, i talk crappy crappy things. should i? haha. not again.

today is 11/6. and my last post before pmr is gonna be on first of july. since that day, i've promised to myself not to surf the internet anymore even touch the computer. so my last post will br as long as my hair. haha. no no. i'll write down everything i was thinking. then the same day after pmr i'll post a longer post than my last post. talking about crap again. no problem with that rite?

harry potter is just around the corner. everyone knows that. dont tell me you dont know. most of the people, i've met is so into the hero. who else? mr potter lah. but me. i prefer ronald weasley. ala si rupert grint tuh. he's cute. he has cute personality and everything about him is cute. i'm still thinking whether i should go and watch that movie. first, it might wasting my time. maybe. baik pegi beli cetak rompak je. secondly, i have watched all the hp series in cinema so i should go. next. it is on july. july darling but come on its just a day. huh. i need more time to think.

the most.

the most greatest person-family
the person sacrifice the most for me-mom of course
the person worked hard the most for me- whp else? dad.
the person inspired me the most- i, myself and me. get that? haha
the most perfect bestie-amanina azimi.
the most loyal frend-shasha efendi.
the most helpful-nadhirah hani salman
the most understanding frend-haliza suhaimi.
the most beautiful person ever-deborah priya henry.
the most wonderful place-new zealand.
the song inspired me the most-what about now by daughtry
the person i miss the most-them, awww.
the person i hate the most-no one
the most greatest thing on the earth-food lahhh.
the most nicest guy-azim

*uncomplete most list*


-now i understand what u try to say me, how u sufferes from ur sanity how u try to set them free. they would not listen and they're not listening....-

lyrics lahhh.

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