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Saturday, June 20, 2009



it's been a week i did't update my blog. i'm sooo bz. doing all the kerja kursus. thank god i've just finished all my kerja kursus. i just read nyna's blog. she wrote about me. i mean showing her appreciation towards me for helping her doing all the keja kursus. that's what frends are rite? helping each other. for me, she's so special. she is someone called a real frend. she helped me a lot. hehe. shakila daa maju. she had a myspace account finally. with my help. she uploaded few photos. ade satu photo nie. kyla with paan. asl paan npk hensem semacam? haha. ape ape pun, congrats kyla. haha. dira, liza, nyna, we know the truth. its enough just to pretend how much you care about your dearest enemy. haha. enemy kite. diraaa, i regret a lot for doing her that thing. tapi ape kan daya, nasi dudaa jadi bubur. haha. who cares? ape pun, minah tuh pasti pasti akan seek for u and me. haha . fullstop. no more talking about that girl.

i think there is somthing wrong with me. i never gonna admit it but at the deepest part in my heart i knoe its a real thing. i dunno till when i'm gonna pretending like i dont. i relalized how much that thing meant to me. i'm not the lovee dovee type. haha. ya i'm not. haha. when i was in the car jus now, i heard a song. but there are few worls that reallly touched me. when you wake up you're in love. i dunno whether its true or not. but i'm not in love. haha. so nootttt.haha. change topic. this is a personal thing i should have never write this kind of thing. suke ati aku lahh.

omg! nxt tuesday! its kkq big examm. i'm so worrried but i still in front of this comp. haha. u kow what is kkq? its a study about al quran, nabi an all that. tonight i wiilll read that book. i hope so. i'm doing it coz i have to. i'm quite happy lately with everything that happened around me. everything. life is goood enough. results diagnostic. i'm quite happy with it. i feel payed. hehe. lastly, semua penah lelah seperti sudaa membuahkan hasil. and i'm smiling for it. hehe.

i got addicted to ashanti's song.
what a good song she has made.


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