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Friday, June 12, 2009



this is emma roberts.
she is superrrhotttt!
i'm not like so a big fan of her. but i'm still a fan of her.
i love the way she carries herself. that's all

i'm happy again. haha. being wacko again as usual. yesterday incident? forget it. like i can. ya of course i can. a small thing. i'm like making a mountain in a mole hill. haha. but i'm still hoping for his change. still hoping and always waiting. mengarut je aku nih. haha. let me tell you how was my day. not interested to read? like i care. this is my blog. aku punye suke lahh nak tulis ape. hahaha. kidding. not interested? tell me. i'll change the way i'm writing. i woke up and saw my baby in my arm. awww. baby adik lahh. suddenly, my beloved handphone vibrated. aloya send me a call-me-back. luckily, credit aku tgh masyuk boleh la aku membazir sket call ko. haha. rupe-rupenye die nak ajak aku swim. okeh la. i agreed. nak tunggu pukul 5 ptg tuh. i watched tv. nancy drew. who is nancy drew. emma robert. who is emma robert? my fav hollywood actress so far. that movie? oke la. not bad. pukul 5 pulak mcm nak hujan. don tell me its goin to rain. i said that few times. and thanked god it was'nt raining. no no. kat ukay perdana was raining plus lightning but kat uia takk. ktorg pegi la swim. i changed to my swimming suit of course. takkan nak pakai shirt? loya cakap aku kedinggg.hahahahaha. am i loya? haha. she also said muke aku mcm gong chan. hahaha. x la weyh. si gong chan tuh hensem la ngek. ktorg pun swim. i'm quite tired. loyah tak penat langsunggg. ye la she is the silater. aku nih bukan pa pe. that's why tak de stamina. it's been quite a long time tak jumpe tupai. oh tupai! not falling into him. hahaha

to the girl that swim with me:

i'm in red u are in the blue

haha kidding

2 more days:

back to school!

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