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Thursday, June 11, 2009


im not in the mood becus of that incident. loya sahaja yg tau. i rarely got sad.i take all the probs easily but this one, i've tried too but it does'nt work that much. i dun need ways to solve this prob becus its not even a prob. its the heart thing. i cant be this weak. so what should i do? faking a smile. maybe. i'm goood at that. i've been told many times i'm a drama queen. haha. am i? should i take that as a compliment or a humilation. both i guess. who knows one day i'll be an actress. being an actress is fun what. with all the gems aroud my neck. haha. see i start to berangan. haha. its not a big deal. perhaps. with squirell help i'll be fine. i knew it i'll be fine. dun say dont.

i write in a purple becus it shows the sadness in me.


better i go and get a vanilla ice cream.
p/s: where is squirell?
the wild lah!

my day start with a big big smile. the sun was smiling to me too. the cloud waving and say hi too. i hope for a happy day and it is a happy day until that incident. i wont write. wanna know? ask me but i wont tell. never.loya should'nt know too but she's the one that has unveil the truth. well, i should thanked her.i changed my blog song. cant smile without you. that song isn't that meaningful for me. i hope so. but i like the music.ya like i said i'm a lame. deal with it. but at home, what a perfect day. everyone is just as fine as i wish tooo. awww, so why should i be sad? family first, next frends. my frends are fine too. wahai bintang dudu, rindu oh kat ko. haha. miss world pun. lame tak menggedik dgn die. we used to sing together. lagi2 lagu womaniser. haha. did i spell womaniser correctly. nant marah pulak nyna spears. haliza ni pun same, tak sayang aku. sory lmbt reply babe. malam ni kte msg2 ckp pasal shah rukh khan aku. haha. im fine now. gettin better. esk friday, left 3 days more. then, holiday is over bak to skool but oke wat? seeing all those wacko people. wacko wacko people, u kno i love u? ahahaha. no no no. its been quite a long time aku tak nampak si jawa to techtonik. haha. titanic. si G-E-L-A-B-A-H. haha.others? acap with his stupid jokes. peah, the way she got mad. i miss every single thing about 3 wangsa. awww. that's sweet. haha.


Sharifah Alawiah said...

squirrel is sleepy

sarah shuhainor said...

x de nye.
die tuh mmg gedik!

Thank You