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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


hello hello.

i'm happy? nope not relly but quite happy. hehe. my day start with a cup of nescafe. no no. i dun really like cafe. contains caffein. hihi. there are lots of things i wana write but i'm not goin to write all. at school, i came late. bla bla bla. then i got into class. suddenly, nyna my dearest said 'sarah, aku ade cite hot!' i was wondering what is happening? mas even said to me. 'aku tak buat2' defending himself not doing that thing. i dunno what the thing is. and i was like. wats wrong, people? nyna told me, she was the first one that got into the class since i'm late. suddenly, there was a paper. a paper that has been sticked onto the white board. on the paper, someone wrote, paan love sarah forever get married. omg! that is so not true. we've been frends lately. haha.. i dun mind at all coz i know that he never likes me unless as a frend. huh. whats wrong with the person? writing that kind of things. i mean accusing paan and me. apahal lah dgn manusia niee? but obviously, the anonymous is my classmate.

today, nyna and i had a conflict with lady gagak. huh. again. she's been so weird lately. huh. wats wrong with that girl? and pls, lady gagak, dun ever blame nyna and i for anything. ok? u started the fire and now lets play with it? come on. i know u r not that weak? are'nt u so super? ko kan cun melecun. haha. mentang2 lah hdg ko mancung, thank to god for giving u a beautiful nose. esk nyna nak serang ko. haha. be prepared. i still remember we used to be bestfrends but u changed a lot shasha. we do really hope you understand this situation. please be mature lahh. u r not a five year old kid. well, i know i'm not that gooood to but at least i'm trying to be a better person. huh. seriously la sha, aku da penat la weyh nasihat ko. u know rite sha i'm not the type of person yg always write bad things about besty in blog but i feel like writing in and i cant keep it alone. and one more thing, as u know, aku ni mmg lembik, not the kind of person yg pandai marah2 org but u still have to respect me as a frend and care about me. every single thing since u r sumone called besty. huh. i guess there's no use for me to talk more and more about this. if u still dun wanna change. its up to u, u are losing us.

well, i crap a lot. this week is going to end. many things happened. unlistable? haha. is there any unlistable word? see, aku mmg weird. suke suki create my own word. haha. currently, i made a new sign. insulting sign .'like i care' and i'm using it. haha. haliza is promoting it.

i am myself. still gonna be myself. like it or not then tell me. i'm not a perfect person. some love me while some dont becus of their own reason. well, its not a major problem to me. like i said, i'm happy with everything that i have . families, frends, classmates, my wackies. i'm trying to be grateful. i have a cozy home to live in. i can eat anything i wish to becus food don work in increasing my weight. i'm not fat. haha. normal. 43. normal kan? i'm not tall too. pretty short. but getting to 160 cm. hahaha. hopefully. i'm a single person and i'm proud of it. who says a girl cant live without a boy. i can. and i'm enjoying it. eventhough i feel lonely sometimes, but there is always tupai be there for me. haha. enough! enough! ape yang telah aku mengarutkan?

this saturday is a report card day. but my school named it as academic day. so to all people of wangsa maju 2 high school jemputlah ur parents. haha, to take ur report card. well, me. i guess my dad. so that i can go home early and watch hindustan. hahaha. my results? i'm happy with it. eventhough i did'nt get 9 a's but i've tried my best and i realize to achieve a better results means i have to work extra hard. i got 8 a's and a b. talking about the b grade that has spoiled my results. its math. how come i got b for math? haha. i love math. wee wee. i'm not good at math. and i can feel that i'm getting b for math after i sat for that exam. maybe i've been too playful in pn mastura's class. from now on, i promise to myself to pay attention in class. haha. hopefully yeah.

i got home so late today. about 7 sumthing. i got the class tambahan and bla bla bla. bunch of things to do at school just now. so i deciced to go home with my neighbour. shefa loya. we were waiting quite long at the bus stop. waiting for her mom. then picked up zahra from tuition at melawati. seriously, i love the view at melawati. so classy. the view at taman t.a.r too, haha. and so as taman dagang. ceh ceh sape punye rumah tuhh. loya, tu rumah azim lahhh. sory ckp pasal die eh loya. i became different when it comes to him. haha

enough till here.

bedtime. wat else? read me a story book!

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