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Saturday, May 23, 2009


suicide story

friday evening after school. nyna and i thought of studying at the school library. mathematic . but unfortunately. the library cannot be use . huh. so went up to the class. study math kat class. then i went to nyna's place to take my stuff. we walked sambil gelak2. haha. ktorg sampai at the ground floor. kat tempat lift tuh. but then. so many people there. diorg berkumpul tgk ape tah. we were curious. wondering what is happening. tapi aku npk kotak je. i asked the uncle. and he said ade orang bunuh diri, gila ah! i got nearer and saw blood. omg! i never even seen a dead body. ni nampak a dead body bunuh diri. ktorg pun naek atas to see clearer. with my spects help i saw that. baju that girl koyak. for me. bodoh gle that girl. maybe it is becus boyfriend? study? wateverla . who am i to involve. tibe2 i cant breathe . omg! panic gle. ni sume pasal benda tuh la. huh. i got into nyna's house and take a seat. relax. and everything is fine!


exam masih lagi berlangsung . huh. busy studying. i guess. poyo je . exam semua susah2 belaka. of cos diagnostic kan? i feel down sometimes thinking i did'nt did my best . i think. but one thing build up my confidence. i got A for arab. hihi. i'm not that proud of it. but of cos happy. who does'nt happy of getting A? everyone does. okeh tuh je for the exam slot. hopefully . i got 9 a's. =)


this is not about me making a new myspace. myspace yg da sedia ade ni pun tak terlarat nak online. ni pasal darling aku yang tercantik buat myspace. nyna la. she had a myspace. finally. congrats dear! so skrg both of us ade myspace. i put her at the first place kat myspace so jason mraz aku da jatuh takhta. hahahaha

got to go. hakim adk aku da jadi gile . cannot wait his turn to use the internet.
the unlucky part of me .



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