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Friday, May 8, 2009


a very good afternoon. right now, i'm spending my time with nyna , liza plus peah . my loved ones . uwekk! sounds gay . haha . jangan marah ehh dear frends . ok? i do really love you guys . asembly . tadi was silent reading . really boring thing . i hate this session . i took out my book. buku ape tah . buku ape eh aman? oh ya, dr jekyll . buku tuh mmg best but i never read it . haha . its okeh nk dekat exam nant i will read it. then ade tazkirah about solat . ktorg pun dgr dengan khusyuk. so true dear! pastu . ade helicopter . mantik tgk banyak kali . ade org ckp die cute tp mcm jakun . haha. anyway . hari ni is jus a normal day . nothing special happened .

nyna ask me to write this:
she's hot
she's beautiful
she's sexy
she's a future miss world

she will own a 5 series bmw ( i own the seven series)
she will stay in the sri maya condo

liza ask me to write:
aku rindu skema
aku rindu doraemon
semalam bapak doraemon datang
rindu dira sebab die always busy je
aku on the way nak buat myspace

aman buat air sedap
sarah tak reply msg aku then saje ckp nk tdo padahal nak msg ehem2
smlm ade org gle mrh aku .

peah ask me to write:

regret coz i did'nt came to school
could'nt see my jantung hati adam.
already have email
my bf wont pick up my call
nak mkn mc don.
ade org ckp i pakai specs mcm norish

aku suke spec sarah sebab cantik mcm die

teacher rafidah ask for help to find songs for fashion show:
i suggest:
-just dance

-if you seek amy
-when i grow up

*i'm so into CIRCU
S song*

we love this one

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