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Thursday, May 14, 2009


i feel really awkward. now. i meant we. nyna and me. my computer is having a problem where i cant open the microsoft words. urghh . this causes a problem to me. u knoe why? i suppose to do my kerja kursus . then. i bring this matter to my dear dad . and he said why not do it at cc. cc? omg. it's a unsuppose to go place . for a student i mean. haha nerd kan aku nih? sa this morning i talked to nyna . ajak die g cc to do work . shes fine with that . i guess. so i asked to paan . which cc yg paling selamat. ang he said tbun . cc ape tuh? haha . f.y.i my school is near to the cc. byk cc in this area. i dun think so goin to cc is a good idea but what else can i do.? pastu they said cannot get into the cc with school unform so i change to baju sukan . ble smpai kat cc kan. ktorg memang sumpa blur gle. like what we're suppose to do. that's why i said i feel awkward. ktorg duduk kat 18 and 19. kat cc tuh plak. no microsoft words. masalah. internet connection pun masalh. wat kind of cc is this? huh. so i decided jus to do my kerja kursus dengan tangan. i bet this will hurt my hand. kan? kene tulis bundles of words. pape la. lepas nih we decided to go j.j. nyna wanna find some revision books. just now we watched aus next top model. they're tall. hihi. kan bes jadi tinggi. anyway, at least i know hows the feeling at cc. ye la. most of the time i online at my home sweet home. da lah people here love to cuss. i dun cuss. seriously. kecuali i cant control my temper. ade org behind me cuss. he said mantik. haha.

wont go here anymoreeeeeeee!

freaking news.

i've got diagnostic exam next week. people.
like so it is a freaking news.
not fer you la but fer me.
seems like this is the last time i online before diagnostic.
so long. im saying goodbye to my blog?
i'll update after exam.
thats for sure!

i just wish my mom mother's day.
a rally bad daughter.
at least i do wish.

that's all.

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