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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is the Anugerah Cemerlang day. My school is weird la. other school do their anugerah cemerlang day on saturday but my school in thursday. ape ape la. and my school don call it anugerah cemerlang but anugerah kualiti. kelas yg belakang2 tu principal kasi cuti. bes la enn diorg. my classmates pun ramai yg absent. u know what? even the two geniuses who suppose to ambik award pun tak datang. that's a great thing. u know why? sebab diorg tak datang, their names has been cancelled. padan muka! haha . and the good thing is my ranking terus naek to the second. bagus2. mcm biase la, start je ucapan la dulu kn? omg . pn rokiak and the datuk membebel was about 1 hour! 1 hour! membazir saliva je manusia2 nie. when it was my turn to take the award kn, suddenly rase malu sgt2. tah la. didi the 3G boy pun dtg. haha . pastu ade mcm persembahan . pesembahan plg best goes to the asmaradanas dancers . nice job , dear dancers . i sat next to syahril . bes la gak sit nxt to him. at least , boleh borak2 dgn die. his parents amik cuti jus to see him taking his award . bagus gle . syahril pun memang ank yg patut dbanggakan . wow. cant believe i'm quite good at speaking malay too. cehh poyo je.

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shefa and i vained at the bus stop. die slalu teman aku naek bas.


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