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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


this is not my first time blogging. i've jus deleted all my older posts. why? should i write. no. no. no. i thought of deleting my blog but loya said i don have to. about blog again, nyna my darling dearest bestfrend have just made a blog. her template is jus the same as mine when i first made it. the really pink one. she loves pink a lot. her guess handbag pun pink. everything kalau boleh have to be pink. now both of us got blog.

nyna's blog:

now i'm using the smallest font size. ni nak tulis pasal about our other bestfrend shasha. she's a good girl with a kinda hearted. but, kesian die. she did'nt live happily. her family, trouble kot. frends, some pulaukan die. we, try to give her the best. we've tried so many times to let her know that she should change. but is does'nt work. she still with her same habits. one thing, nyna and i did'nt like the most about her is, she's not that smart (bukan kutukan) she always got D's for exam. but the reason we did'nt like her is not becus shes not a smart, BUT she did'nt work hard to do something with her results. pendek cite, x nak berusaha la. she always hope nyna and i can give her answers. it's not like both of us kedekut ilmu. but she has to work on her own. exam pun kene face sendiri kn? secondly, she always not there for us when we need her. but everytime she got probs with those guys , sape yg tolong? ktorg gak. is that wat frends for? looking for them when we need them but leave them when we have probs? no. frends are there for each other no matter what. huh. we've told her so many times to change but it doesn't work . so all we can do is just be quiet and let her manage herself with the way she think. whatever it is, she still our besty. full stop about shasha.

about this thing i'm still gonna use the smallest font. becus its a really really sad thing.

last two weeks was exam week . last week was the getting marks weeks. my results. let me describe in a word. PATHETIC. Now i'm regretting. i lost the semangat to study but a frend said supposely lagi semangat ble dpt results truk. all i got was 6 a's. 6 a's sahaja!

Mathematic i did'nt got A for it. why? i think it's becus pn. mastura did'nt forgive us. da lama da bend ni. we were practicing for the lakonan thing until we forgot to get into her class. she was dissapointed i guess. she said if my class did'nt find a single period utk ganti . she dun want to forgive us. dah la, the next week tuh exam. since that day, she changed kot. tah lah. Pn . Mastura still the best!

Sejarah subject nih memang la. tak nak comment byk2 about this becus i do really weeaak in sejarah. but noe i think i love sejarah dah kot.

K.Hidup . as known as living skill subject . i'm not good at living on the earth. tah lah. but kh ada correction . they said 5 marks will be added. hopefully, it's true. so that i can get A . berserah sahaja! =)

thank god i did'nt forgot the incident of the day. kisah nyna and me. i went to her place. it was noisy . mcm biase la. turn the music loud. then, pukul bpe tah she was praying. suddenly i heard people knocking. dgn gelabah i got into nyna's room and locked it. pastu, i told to her what i've heard. die pun batal smbhyang. she lean againts the door and try to hear the sound i said. she admit she was hearing it too. then, we remember we left the keys outside and the door x kunci. we was so scared. handphone nyna pulak kat living room. ktorg pun berzikir. cuak gle. first time , i felt like in the movie. suspen . then we try to get into the kitchen reach for a knife. nasib baek ade satu pisau tajam nih. we opened the door and there was nothing! hahahahaha. since that stupid incident we never gonna leave the keys outside.


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