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Friday, May 15, 2009


nik nadhirah farhana sahabat terhebat.

today might be one of the saddest day for sophiah. i feel odd writing sophiah . peah je la. coz i'm used to call her with that name. she just broke up with her bf. she wanted the relationship to come to the end. peah asked me for help. like pretending like i'm her on the phone while talking with her bf. we wanted to do that last few days but many problems melanda. so i called her bf after school today. afiq, her bf. did picked up the phone. so i'm peah .

sarah:ni afiq? sory kalau fea ganggu. fea ada sumthing important nak bgtau afiq.

afiq:ape fea?

sarah:fea rase kte kene break . coz afiq dah ade org baru

afiq:tak afiq ade fea je.

*continue with mustaqim, mas and paan . peah's new bfs*

i did'nt really get what they were talking about.

but i heard suami la. sabun daia la . kb mall . area setiawangsa

ape dorg ckp pun aku tak faham

frankly, it was fun pranking peah's bf.


he served that.

dear peah.

dun be sad . u'll get used to it. he's nothing la. its better go and chase adam your ex tuh. haha. kan? haha i know u'll read this. eventhough at your home no internet service. bukak kat your hp. no wonder your bill reached 200++ haha dasyat!

sincerely from:

miss new zealand (u know who's that)

exam next week.

exam next week.

exam next week.

exam bext week.

exam next week.

there's no use writing the same thing many times.

i gotta do something

do what?

asking stupid thing?

go and study lah!


for everyone:

(i'm writng arabic)

man jadda wa jadda

siapa berusaha pasti bejaya


man zaro'a' hasoda

siapa yang menanam dia yang menuai

azhabu ilal ghurfatu lianna arji'u' ad-dardsu

i'm goin to my room to study.

next time we'll learn new words.


1 comment:

nabilahfarihin said...

hahaa. gile laa sarah! speaking arab laa diee. huu, sian peahh .

* mocha 3 bang! * haha xD

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