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Saturday, May 30, 2009


from left: haliza. dudu. sarah. nyna. shasha

good evening and good evening.

first of all, congrats to sophiah atiqah bt. mohd salehuddin. her dream comes true. finally. her parents gave her w350 sont ericson for her birthday. she was omg craving for a new hp. sick of ur old one darling? i think so. and u also have downloaded my current fav song. dead and gone by j.t and t.i.. okeh2 good sophiah. bring your phone everyday again.

p/s: take good care of it.

another story. the hari guru celebration. before recess. boring. why? too many perutusan. perutusan prime minister la tu lah ni lah. After recess best. karoeke with teachers. fashion show. ib perfomance and byk2 lagi haihh. dudu. bulu and i were talking . about many many things. one of them. about this one girl in my class. we did'nt like her but i can still blend in with her. i'm more like a hypocrite on to her. so what? same goes as her.

about her. this is the smallest font. this is a bad thing. ok ok. she is a girl which seems so good in front of the teachers. she even act like she is so perfect. cant she realize how much people hate her. everyone are being quite nice becus they are using her becus of her brain. she keep telling us to be a better person but she is so not. not at all. i hate her so much sometimes. i'm quite nice to her. i'm telling the truth. as time goes by. she wanted to be hot. i guess. she said once to me. 'we don't need a hp. hp is not good for us' but now she's using it and i think so that she cn't live without it. she said 'aku risau la hp aku kat rumah' and the worst thing she started to layan all those anonymous that messaged her. and noe . she is desperate for ms. she want it so much so that die tak ketinggalan zamal all these latest news. ye la. dudu and i are the one who told her about all the latest news. she said she dun want to hear about benda yang we did'nt really knoe whether it is true or ot. but she lovesssss gossiping. i think she is obses with the karaoy. fida. bella. sume2 tu ah. addicted to them or maybe she want to be like them. tah lah. i dun know what is wrong with her try to act so perfect but the same time getting worst. huhh.

semoga kawan aku kembali ke pangkal jalan.

i have jus unveiles the truth. i heard about something i have never expected to . e.g: the real people of my class. and i knew things that made me felt guilty. i was so mean to that person but he was so good to me. i'm not that mean la but sometimes he is so annoying. huh. and i cant stand it. lately. i think i am quite ok with him. he even hurt my feelings sometimes. but sometimes he is like a super super good friend to me. so i dun know what should i do. dun wanna think about it. let the time tells what will hapeennn. :)

si aloya ni pun satu. aku da ajak die pegi maen badminton tp die plak semangat sgt nak pegi silat. go go go to your silat thing. haha. i know u love silat and wanna be the pesilat2 negara. kan? hahaha. aliza ni pun same. 3.30 td tanye what is my blog url. i replied 7 minutes later. and die tak jadi nak usha2 blog aku. ape pun haliza nih best. if she is not there . x de sape nak gaduh ngn aku. kan liza bulu? name ko dalam hp aku pun liza bulu aku ingat nak tuka liza doraemon. boleh? boleh la. tp haliza ni kedeng. ngn aku pun tak nak msg. ni aku da tak de message partner da.


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