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Thursday, May 28, 2009


i'm posting a new post again today. u kow what its like a miracle. why? my internet connection laju gle tonite. this shows yg internet tu da rindu kat aku. kan? internet ni malu nak confess yg die rindu aku. hihihi. seriously i dun know wat to write. aku suda ketandusan ideas. huh. weyh bg aku idea. come on. okeh2 i know wat to write. facts about me. okeh.


1. i'm jason mraz's future wife.
2. i cut my nails every sunday.
3. i'm a fan of oldies stuff.
4. i'm not really up to date.
5. my frends called me susu basi when i was primary. haha
6. i dun cry for love.
7. i dun take love seriously.
8. i'm so into new zealand. everything about it.
9. i wear spects. but not in public. during class.
10. i eat a lot.

11.1'm 43-44 kg.
12. i think i grew 2 cm maybe about 157 cm. i'm not tall.
13. i wear high heels. 8 cm.
14. i cry for stupid things. e.g:pensel hilang.
15. i would like to be a cardiologist paeditrician.
16. studying in victoria uni of wellington.
17. my fav subjects are science and math. nerd.
18. i do support all this saving mother earth thing.
19. the most beautiful girl i've ever seen deborah priya.
20. my dream car: bmw 7 series. white solid colour with tinted windows. oooh

21. i love vanilla. i eat vanilla ice cream only.
22. ice blended vanilla in front of my school. super mouth watering. frends said i got sense of humour. hihihi
24. i dun trust guys. should i?
25. i hate watching love stories in cinema.
26. i love maggi too.
27.the only malaysian artist that i like is maya karin . guy: ashraff muslim.
28. i love emma roberts too.
29. this is my birthday date. 29 of mac.
30. i learn arab in school but i feel odd speaking in arab.

31. i prefer english than b. melayu.
32. the motto of my life: do the best because you are the best so u deserve the best. frankly, the best.
33. i'll do anything to make my dream comes true.
34. i love to laugh. according to a research, laughing makes you feel younger.
35. i love to look like a mature but the way i'm thinking is like a 10 years old kid.
36. i enjoy my life.
37. i can crush 100 guys in the same time.
38. i sleep with the lights on.
39. i love a low profile person
40. i'm addicted to piano.

41. i'm addicted to guitarist.
42. my fav ice cream . new zealand natural.
43. i've listed down 100 things to do in life. 5 are completed.
44. the first time i got 1st place in study was at asrama. hihi
45. i'm not good at sports.
46. i can be so girlish sometimes.
47. i'm a particular person especially when it comes to cleanliness.
48. i care about my health. all the time.
49. i love my self and i love the way i are. everyone should.
50. last one: i'm always lucky in life.

1 comment:

Sharifah Alawiah said...

i love a low profile person

woot woot!!!!!!!really a LOW PROFILE PERSON GILE2,dah la comel oh
ko jual mahal lak!!

Thank You