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Monday, January 11, 2010



This post which is entitle I'm getting older does'nt mean I'm celebrating my birthday. Well not at all. As time is passing by, I started to realize I'm getting older and yeahhh there's no turning back! So I'm gonna use all the the precious time I had wisely. And yeah also since I'm getting older, I have to act in a more a mature wayy of a teenager. :P rightt? and I want all theseee good memoriesss to be kept in my mind heart and soul forever and always. And well I'm not going to forget all those bad memories but bare them in my mind and make sure it wont happen again! :D

Sometimes, I don't get it why some people when they want to be with someone, they are so into that person, thinking of that person days and nights. 24 and 7. but once they get the chance to be with that person they dont really love or appreciate that person as much as they did in the first place. And as time goes by, they left that person. :(( Easy. I'm not referring to anyone because it could be anyone even mehh!

I'm thinking of this one. so this is my current mood :

Ada seorang lelaki yg handsome dulu die nak PS1 lepastu die dapat. Die pun excited. first2 main die ckp bestt lah. tapi dah lame lame boring. sekarang tak sentuh pun PS1 tu. Saya terfikir macam tu ke perumpamaan perasaan lelaki kat perempuan. pelik pelik. =___=

I'm cravinggg for this cup of coffee and this choc rice sprinkled daugnutt ! :D

And also this hazelnut + chocolate chips coookies.


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