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Friday, January 22, 2010



Don't tell me you don't know Jason Mraz. I like him a lot. a lot and a lot. I don't like him because of his look because he's not hot at all. HAHA. but he got talent in music. I like his music. :P and and and I love all his awesome songs! I like Bella Luna the most. sooothing jazzy music. :) And yeah I'm telling you Jason Mraz is a very lowwww profile person. He's not really into all these branded stuff. He is himself. :) another thing is he is HTC model. I like HTC. but I cant afford it. toooooo expensive. And finally the reason I like him is because he was born on the same date and same year . which is 23rd june 1970. = my mom's birthday. :) Its very hard to say Jason Mraz is not goooood because he is absolutely goooooooooooood! :D And we got things in common which is we hate smokers. and once I heard Jason Mraz on hitz telling malaysians to stop smoking. =.= pathetic Malaysian smokers! and one more thing is we support all these mother nature things. like use reusable plastic bags. and also greeeening the earth. :) me loikkeee you JASON MRAZ!

And its quite weird I am more into all these oldies songs. HAHAHA. but I enjoy listening to latest music too. It is just like I love oldies songs more. You will never know the songs I like because you definitely never know -what the heck is this songg about. lame- HAHA. people used to say that when I tell them I like that kind of musics. Do you know Casablanca? NO. Killing me softly? NO. Brother Louie? NO. Right here waiting? NO. so you don't know right? HAHA. but for me I like these songs because they use proper english. :P lagu sekarang? HAHA. lyrics mengarot. =.=

bye bye shakila. :) Have a better life at your new place friend. :)

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Sharifah Alawiah said...

i love jason mrazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz toooooo three four! haha.

ehhh eh eh nike?

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