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Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's my Darling and I'm her honeyyy. :-* ♥♥♥♥♥


Thisss post is specially dedicated to my beautiful bestfriend nur amanina azimi! :-* she'll be going to Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar. :( So you knoww it's goingg to be kind hard for us to gosssip all night long. And maybe me InsyaAllah is will be going to boarding school too. pray for me. I'm so not going to stay here at Wangsa Maju 2. err never! but yeah no matter where we go we are still BFF. and here the rest of us Dira Liza and Sha we'll be missing youuu too darling. When you are at a new place, blaja betul betul darling. :D Ahaha. She wants to be a paedatrician and me? ahaha. a cardiologist . :P And she has been dreaming of BMW 5 series and me BMW 7 series. haha. :P we are bfff twinnie. We got lots of dirttty secraaats together! So long may our dreams come true. I love youuu bestfriend.

p/s: and also I heard that Intervensi 1 for Form 3 is just aroundd the cornerr, so to me GG partner : Sharifah Alawiah :) gooood luck! ahahaha! :P me love youu too. :P

And today I'm going to make a confession saying I might not be as good as you read about me here. HAHA. I dont wannt to be a typo hypocrite but yeah at the same time I dont like to show the real me. I would rather people who knows me for years to know the real. but dont get me wrong I'm not evil I'm an average teenager with love and lust! HAHA. but yeah I do really hope you get to know me first before you talk about me. Frankly, I might not that goood or innocent but also I'm not as evil as you might think. :P whatever you wanna think up to youu. I got people who believe in my dreams which are wayyy supportive that I expect! :D

mwahahaa! bye. :D

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