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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Romance. -GAGA ULALA-

BAD ROMANCE. One of Gaga's song. I like that song. I like the part rah-rah-ah-ah-ah roma-... cool! For me Gaga is a prettty woman. Well is she exactly a woman? I read news paper last two weeks. Lady Gaga is not a woman. well she is man + woman. She is Unisex? Isn't that cool. She can switch her gender anytime she wants. But sadly, she already transformed herself into 100% woman because she found out that she has more female hormone than male hormone. So she is more into a woman. And finalllllly. She is a woman today. A pretty woman. I like her nose. Because her nose is so perfect. She did a nose job I think. I want to do nose job tooo. HAHAHA. no no. I'm kidding. :P but go GAGA you rock! :D

Have you ever have this feeling want to be someone in life. I mean like. You talk to yourself -I wish I am not me - I wish I am someone else with looks and money and brain? - I always have that kind of thoughts in my head. Because I know I'm not a grateful person. but I'm trying to be grateful.

p/s: I hate that girl because she likes to compare myself and her. She meant the world to me last time but no longer now . Sorry. You are pathetic . Go get a life. Stop comparing me and you. If you want to be more than me in every ways. go ahead. I dont mind at all because all I know is my life is perfect enough and which is better than you


Izwanftw said...

betul ke psal lady gaga tu?!


haha. betul la izwan! :D

Thank You