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Monday, January 18, 2010



Today is Monday . The day I suppose to sit on my table and finish up all my homeworks. But yeah I'm here because I feel like writing and expressing out my feeeeling. I'm a human and so as you so we got this sad sad sad feeeling though we don't want to. I'm not exactly feel sad. Its more like my feelings are mixed up.

so here goes my current feeling equation: HAHA

sarah's current feeling: sad + guilty + happy + unknown feeelings.

I dont get it why am I feeeling this wayy. I'm sad because I'm not offered for the SBP. :(( I was wondering why all my friends were offered. My mom told me since I chose for the Pure Science (Agama) I will not be offered for Pure Science School . And I'm kinda regret because I chose that Pure Science (Agama) stream. No wonder all my friends who got 8 a's and a B were offered because they chose pure science stream. Including my bestfriend and some other people. Moreover, I'm not a 9 a's student so the chance for me to be in pure science (agama) ... u know so no chance mann! :p But yeah the day when SBP results were annouced I was upset because my mom is the one who told me to chooose pure sc (agama) stream. so yeah I was quite mad some kind of that feeling with her. But I realized I'm not that islamic so thats the main reason my mom wanted me to go to agama stream. But my mom also knew I was freakingg frustrated . thats why she gave the chance for me to continue in pure science eventhough she really wants me to be in pure science agama but.... But mannnn this guilty feeeling because I cant be the daughter my mom have been dreaming of. Thats why. I realized that for my mom. I am her priority. :) I love youuuu mama. :D

p/s: And also to all my friends that are going to SBP soooooon. Gooodluck friends. :) And to those who did'nt get the chance like me. Buat rayuann aa weyh cepat2. :D

Finallyyy, And also to a bestfriend of mine who applied for sekolah menengah teknik but he did'nt get it, be stronggg! I'm here for youuu. :D I know you're not really into account but one day you'll find out that account is quite interesting. :) No matter where you are you can be a successful person if you really want to. :) I love youuu.

HAHA. this post is getting longer so BYE BYE. :)

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