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Saturday, November 7, 2009


it's raininggggg. and i love rainnny night. when you sleep on a rainy night its like heaven mannn. haha. and yeah i'm so bored. can anyone take me to the moon becus i'm bored on earth. dun ya feel bored living on this earth. eh eh eh no i'm kidding i wanna always be on earth. what for going to moon. there's no internet. haha. so i cant facebook-ing. seriouslyyyyyyy i'm bored. i duunooo what to do.

i just got back from melaka trip and yeah it was great. but not so great. i dunno. i rated the trip, 5 stars out of 10 stars. you knw when you go to melaka place you'll be visiting of course that stadhuys buliding, and that big a famosa and the ship. bla bla. thats all. and the weather was like freakingg hot. seriously kl pun tak panas mcm tue kott. haha. :P haih. but when night, sejuk. the place we stayed is near to the beach so when night you can feeeel the angin laut you know and i really like it. that's what i like the most. and when night my bed is next to the window and the windows are not close so yeahhh feeel it. :P kalau dalam about 3 4 in the morning lagi bestt. :P and when you are on the phone. its like so fantasticcc. :) and thats all i remember bout melaka the historical city :)

and next weeek i'm going awayyy again for 10 DAYS!! 10 days. lamenye. i got this programmme. so yeah. bye. :) i'm gonna miss faceboook. :P haha. a lot and a lot. heh. :) and bye bye. i'm doing awayyyy. :P

i'm not goooood, so not.


tata :)

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