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Sunday, November 8, 2009

its a hot sunday afternooon. tomorrow its mondayyy. no! well everyone hates monday right? but fer me the greatest day in the week is saturday. :) yeaaaa. dun u guys just love saturdayyyy? :) and later i'm going somewhere, i need some fresh air for me to breath. i neeeed to release my tension. :P haha. i'm not tension but you knw i'm not really in a good mooood. i need to do some kind of stuff that make me move and sweatt. :)

errr... i just called my friend loya and i lied her about sumthing but then i confessed that it was just a lie. but you knw, when i was talking about the whole lying thing she was like 'jahatnye ko sarah' haha. and repeating it over and over again. i was kidding. yeaa, but if she wants me to prove i can :P. she was like 'kesian die'. haha. heyy i'm not that mean. :( haha. i was kidding. i wont do that. yea i wont . i mean it. girl, i wont do that and never. err, u knw how much i love that person. haha. sumpah gayy. haha. yeaa, u knw i'm a one loyal fellla. :P yea, always. ehh aku syg doe kat die. :) yeaaa, so true.

facebooook besst. haha. yea moreover all the social interview thinggg. haha. :P i just love it. u knw .answering stupid questions about your friend. :P haha. and about yourself too. :) hahaha.

tata. :P

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Sharifah Alawiah said...

hahahaha xD

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