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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goooooddd Morninggg. heyy its 7.20 in the morningg and i am here updating my black blogg. :) haha. yeaaa i made it! i woke up 6.30. shower then bla bla. and finally i'm here. nooe mannn i'm going tomorrow. well to make it official, i'm going tonight. because yeaa tonight i got stuff to buy then my dad decided to send me to my aunt's place. okeh la kat rumah nenek aku because yeah my nenek live with my aunt. so yeahhh boleh jumpe nenek aku. haha :P and the greatest thing is i can sleep at my grandma's bed mannn like i used to do :P so bye humannnn. i knw u gonna miss me. mak aiii perasannnnye aku. haha. well biase lah tu. :)

heyyy today is my last day going to school :) nooo its not a happy smiley it suppose to be a sad cute smiley like me :( ritttte? and yeahhh so bye bye smk wm2. well im not sure if i'll be studying nxt year in the same schoool. a very sad day mann. and a big wave from me to all the teachers, pak cik mak cik kantin, the guards and of course to all my beautiful and handsome friends including puteri and kila. :P hahaha. i'm so meannn. and seriously its a sad bye bye from me to everyone. though i hate puteri but yeah i'm still sad. i'll never see again her compact powdered face. hahahaha :) and no, u knw what? like lots of memories we've been creating there. :) yeahh and most of them are goood memories . yeah the memories when i think i'll laugh. :) yeahh smk wm2 is also a place where i found my true friends. those friends where i dun have to be super hot to be part with them. those friends who love me because of i am me. and the most important, we are not backstabbing each other. though wangsa maju 2 name is not as hot as wangsa maju 5, or melawati high or even seri bintang but yeahhh wangsa maju is still wangsa maju and there is no such school in the whole world like wangsa maju. :P haha. cehh. since when i am so in love with wangsa maju 2 nie. well actually to be honest i am fallling for wangsa maju 2. :P okeh yeah, semoge wnagsa maju 2 's name akan terus maju. haha :P and yeah i am actully trying to, by getting good result i hope boleh majukan wangsa maju 2. but u knw when it somes to koko. haha. i do nothing :P

and yeahh i'm going to school. later lahh. with my dad. he's jogging. yeahh good my dad is practicing a healthy life style. thats why i'm kinda that too. :P haha. yeah i mean i always try to avoid those carcinogenic food. yeahhh . i mean itt. :p its better to prevent than cure kann? and yeahh i think i'm doing the rite thingg. yeahhh a right thinggg. go sarah! haha :P and u knw u gotta eat to eat more veges. even me i seldomly eat veges. haha. yeahhh but now, i'm trying to eat more veges and fishhh to :)

and and ehhh this posttt is getttin longer mann. yeahh shd be a long post u knw because later ten days i'm goinggg. and when i got back no school anymore so i'm doing nothing. huh. gaining my weight je lah. i thinks. haha. yeah but saya nak tengok new moooon mannn. :) well i'm not really a big fan of the twillight series but yeah i am enjoying it. :P u knw whattt. nothinggg. :)

heyyy i knw how to do the love logo. haha. finallly mannn. i keep thinking . whats the code rupenye. as eassyyy as ABC. hahah. yea i knw i'm kinda out dated. :P

so yeahhhh bye bye.


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