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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey. a very goood afternoon.

first of all is NUR HALIZA BT. AHMAD SUHAIMI'S 15th bday. so long. happy incoming birthday bulus! haha. she is the one and only my bulu. haha. da tue da kwn aku sorg nih. haha. then, this friday will be amar's. ni pun da tue. amar which is someone.. haha. kinda my ex enemy. haha. few days ago was my ashraf muslim's bday. awww.


today is the day where the students from japan come to my beautiful and beloved school. wahaha. and then here the sepets come. hihi. their uniform. not that outwedgses. biase2. but those sepets girls are with skirts. my first impression was like the guys must be freakkinng hot. haha. with spike hairs. i was quite wrong. they are average looking guys. but looooooks doesnt matter. back to the topic, i was one of the chosen people. and we did some tukar2 hadiah. wee wee. that guy gave me smthng. and it is origami papers. eventhough i'm not good at making those origami thing. i'll keep it. i do appreciate it , mannn. and i was like the tour guide. take them for a walk around the school. lalu depan class aku: haha.and time's up the japanese gtg. so long sayonara ! but one word they keep saying is ATSUI which means hot. haha. :)

p/s: they are so not goood at english.

lepas da penat layan the sepets. as usual, got back into the class. then, since i'm the only one from my class which take part in this, my classmates were excited and wanting me to tell the my japan experience. wee hee. but before tht, mus ade bye2 this one girl tp aku plak kot yg prasan. haha. sorry lah aku tak npk. haha. ade sorg bdk nie, ckp aku pekak. haih. die la kot yg pekak. nasib baik si pekak tu tak tau pasal blog aku so he won't know. ckp aku pekak skali rupenye die pn same. haha.

p/s: oii bukak pose korek telinga lahhhh. pop ur ear waxes out, mannn!

then KH class, i was tired. and zzzz.. in the class. :) then we were given some desert sbb ngaji those days. ceh2. but i did. 3 pages. but then tetido. huhu. desert sdp doh. :)

sometimes u never realize how much a person means to u until u lose tht person. :)

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