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Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello there.

It's the second day of raye. how fast time is passing by. huh. the first raye was quite fun but tiring. i woke around seven then mandi , all the perfumes thing. around 8 went to sembahyang raye at my dad's fav masjid. hihi. at home, mintak maaf from my parents first. hihi. after a year buat kesalahan. lol. went to my aunty's place. makan all those raye tradition food. rendang ketupat all al those food. sumpah sedap gle. but becus of scared i might gain weight makan sikit2 je lah. lepak lepak, kutip duit raye. duit raye on the first day masyuk lah jugak. haha.

today. went to my aunty's house on my dad side. nothing much. so boringgg. went back and sleeep like until 7. having fun is great and i love that. but seriously i feel guilty for not studying all time during this hari raye holiday. and and and i miss all of 3w people. i miss nyna dira liza and sha. all i can do is texting them. and i'm texting my friends 247. haha. 20th september just passed by. it's 2 years . 2 years. i'm still crushing him. haha. tomorrow is dira's annivessary with her kanda. haha. dira. selamat annivessary. haha.

tomorrow i got nothing to do so seems like i got a date with my books. and and and aku rindu my best secret keeper ever. sharifah alawiah syed esa. haha. she's like my secret book where i write all those unsuppose stuff in it. haha. so loya and aku can never fight or else all my secrets will be revealed and same goes as her i keep all her secrets too. but her secrets are not as dark as mine. mine is the darkest secret ever. haha. like so? haha.

everyone balik kampung but me? no kampung sadly. pathetic. raye sini pun okeh lah. i'm used to it. haha. mom's gombak and dad's shah alam. so nowhere to go. haha. anyway, i lovveeeee kl. i'm lovin' it. btw, this raye dun eat too much. haha. this goes to me too. krgkan all those high cholestrol foood. haha. if u scared of gaining ur weight then conrol ur diet. fat is no no ! not becus fat is 'not attractive' but fat is like mengundang penyakit.

i've been crushing since forever is azim.

end of story.


effaeffa said...

haha , dira anniversarry ? whoaa .

sarah shuhainor said...

yup2 aNNivessary kawen kakak ko. haha

Sharifah Alawiah said...

wah wah name aku
bangge sioot
haha,esok gaduh weh?
jom jom!
akuy kat KL; skrg :DD

neznm08 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
effaeffa said...

maen gado gado lak :P
eh, die taknak ngaku ! :)

sarah shuhainor said...

haha. APE GADO2 NI SYGGGKU? haha

sarah shuhainor said...

haha. APE GADO2 NI SYGGGKU? haha

Thank You